Monday, October 22, 2007

Your Right!!

I am pushing myself far to hard!!! I'm still suffering with a sore throat and headache, plus having to deal with my pain! But the real problem is, there is no one else to do it! If I hadn't had the op in August this would all have been sorted!


I'm a woman, a mother and if no one else does it what do we do?
We do it ourselves!!!! Theres no one to come along and rescue us!

Monday we managed to get the doors on and I'm thrilled because they meet! Which means it has to be fairly level!!!

Even found a pane of glass which fitted in the door where one had broken!!! I have ordered a frost protector fan heater and am bidding on another one on EBAY!!! So hopefully I will have one tube heater and one fan heater in each greenhouse!!

Been to the shops, my first time out since I had the flu, had to take the blue car to the garage for its MOT tomorrow and we had to walk back from the garage, couple of miles, can you remember where I live?

We are to the left of the white houses in the middle of the picture!!!
Tuesday we are off up to Worcester, K's not too well, and wants to come home. But she has promised to help with the gravel delivery when it comes, probably next week!
So an early start tomorrow as we are down to one car, and hubby usually leaves at 7am!! Thats why I'm posting this now!
If we are back in time I shall wash all of the greenhouse and hopefully start getting the bubble wrap up, then I can move my 'precious' plants in!
I must admit compared to the 6 x6 this ones huge!!! Wonder how long that feeling will last!!
Oh and just to let you know I don't sit back with my feet up in the evening, the Christmas presents are coming along well!!!


Ex-Shammickite said...

You are making me feel quite envious, I would love to have a greenhouse in my back yard, but I think the Canadian winter would be a bit too harsh. Funny that you have had the flu, I have been suffering from an awful head cold too, germs can't travel through the internet.... can they?

RUTH said...

Wish I could lend you a hand Libby :o(

Felicia said...

Its looking fantastic!

Sheila said...

I do hope you are soon feeling better. It sounds as if K has it too..?
I predict the new green house will be jammed to the doors this time next year..LOL

mrsnesbitt said...

Reading your blog has reminded me it is November next week................coutdown! LOL!

Great stuff Libby!
I need to get my greenhouse insulated for winter!

Chris said...

I'm sure you will have a lot of fun with your greenhouse as well as work :-) Just think of all the wonderful plants you will be able to grow next year!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

You're right of course, a woman's work is never done. Great job on the greenhouse doors Libby!!!!

I'm quite envious when I see that beautiful countryside where you live. Isn't it fun that we can see your house from up here?

I hope the feeling of having an humongous greenhouse will last you for a looooong time! ;-)

Annie said...

I bow before you, Wonder Woman.

lilymarlene said...

Very satisfying I find....doing "men's" jobs well. I put up a glassgreenhouse on my own (except for a bit of help from a neighbours 14 yr old son)holding panels together while I put the screws in.
Somehow men's work seems to be more long lasting than women's usual role. Dinner today, sewage tomorrow! Whereas that greenhouse is still standing....and so is all the bricklaying I did too. Very satisfying!!!

Joanna said...

There seems some nasty bugs at the moment that don't disapear in a hurry. Your grenhouse is looking great.