Thursday, May 08, 2008


Not alot happening in the garden due to my back. It is soooooooooooooo frustrating as it is a major planting time for me!! My mum and B are due to visit in 9 days and I always like to show off my garden when she comes, so poor old hubby will be having the whip cracked at him this weekend!!!

Just something to wet your appetite

7 days ago my tree ferns looked like this
The big one

and the small one

with the warm weather now looks like this

The big one has had plenty of water started waking up and yesterday morning looked like this

Last night

and this morning

Just like me rolling out of bed because of my back, but a far prettier sight!!lol!!!


Julia said...

They're looking great! Mine is slow to start this year - it's probably scared of being munched on by squirrels...

Sheila said...

Poor Libby, sorry to hear that your back is still aching.
The ferns come on quickly once they start don't they. It will be interesting to see them in a week..?
Hopefully by then you will be walking upright again..

Cheryl said...

They are lovely Libby, tree ferns are great. Can't wait to see your garden in all its glory.
Hope the poor old back starts to improve soone.

Allotment Lady said...

Sorry to hear that you are still suffering - and hope it eases a bit once you get up and moving.

Your tree ferns are spectacular.

When we visited New Zealand it was stunning to see them 'growing like weeds' everywhere on the mountains etc and to think how much they cost over here