Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All Wrapped Up!

Last night we went round the garden wrapping plants up and tucking them in, making sure they where all snuggly wuggly!

Moving the more tender plants back into the greenhouse

making sure the heaters where set up to come on if necessary!!

One person who does not need keeping warm is Babs. She has gone all broody again.

Allotment Lady pops her broody hens in a cage and hangs them up in the corner of the run!

So we caught her this morning, put her in the cat basket and wedged her off the ground as I have no where to hang her!! Wonder if this will work?


Cheryl said...

The plants look very snug and warm in their duvets. We had a light frost last night.
Poor broody chick, hope she feels better after her stay in the cat cage!!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Why does a broody hen have to be housed up off the ground? Explain please~----

Naturegirl said...

It is cold here too! 8C=40F!!We have had our winter jackets back on...I'm missing my 80+ temps of Arizona!
I'm wondering too why have the hen housed up??
The cage is just like the ones we had the cats travel in on our 5 day journey..they each had their own..worked out well. (((freezing))) in Canada NG

Sheila said...

If I was Babs I would be mad as a wet hen, never mind a broody one. Hanging up there..!
I too am interested to know the logic behind this..please share..?