Friday, July 27, 2007

Something Different!

As you look out of the upstairs window you can see the equestrian centre. Can you see the lights?

I zoomed inso you can see exactly what it is we can see! Now imagine it in the winter, no leaves on the trees and very dark....

you can see how rural we are from this pic

swallows on the wire, cows in the fields and very few houses!
So a meeting was held at our house on Monday and there where 9 of us present. The equestrain centre agreed to purchase 'barndoors' these wrap round the lights and direct the light downwards this would take about a month to organise and then they would light up at the end of August and we could see if it was better!
So imagine my surprise when at 9.30pm last night a note was put through the door saying 'the lights have now been re-adjusted and now comply with the guidelines of the Institute of Lighting Engineers. Hopefully how the lights have now been set you will find them less obtrusive and we will have allied your concerns! The lights will be switched on friday night for you to view them and I will call around to see how much the lights show at your address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'


1. Since monday the lights have not moved!
2. Where the wife and daughter who came to the meeting ventriloquists and not spokes person?
3. Was anything we said taken on board!
4. We live at our address and not them and it is our opinion not theres!
5. As stated at the meeting it is still summer and there are too many leaves on the trees to give us a true idea of what the lights will be like in winter!!
6. Will we trust them again if they come to a meeting?

On a 'lighter' note (excuse the pun!)

we lit the front fire its been so cold

and it was so toasty warm when I came down this morning. Sassy was curled up on her beanbag in the corner

tango was trolling around seeing if anyone was available to fuss him

so off to vent my anger on something!
If the weather clears this weekend I can get on with your surprise!!!

Catch you later!


UKBob said...

Hi, For what its worth I think it's disgusting in this day and age putting any lights up at all. Apart from the global warming thing if you believe in it or not there is still the light pollution to consider, there are far too many lights burning at night. Anyway good luck with it, I hate such arrogant selfish people. Bob.

Sheila said...

They are obviously the only ones whose opinion matters.
I'm sure they have not heard the last of this. Good for you for being so tenacious.
It's very wearing though isn't it, and too bad that it is even necessary..!

Naturegirl said...

Thank you for these images of sassy and tango good for me to see after my loss/ Thank you for your comforting words. hugs NG

RUTH said...

What a cheek!!!!! It's obvious they're trying to pull a fast stick to your guns Libby...actually thinking of guns...fancy a night-time trip and we'll shoot the bulbs out!!!!
Great photos of Sassy and Tango :o)

Ex-Shammickite said...

Very selfish. very inconsiderate. It's Friday night here, soon to be Sat morning in UK.... so how did the Friday night viewing of the lights go??? Dying to hear....

Allotment Lady said...

Go get'um girl - I know that you will fight the good fight and not let them ruin your wonderful rural idyll

They are just trying to wear you down - and they won't will they!

smilnsigh said...

Oh I so hope this comes out right, in the end! Especially for your blood pressure. -sigh-


A wildlife gardener said...

Until it gets sorted keep stroking those adorable cats of yours, Tango and Sassy...and you'll positively be purring :) prr! prr!