Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Did You See the Sun?

It was here yesterday for the whole day!!!!! I did, loads and loads and loads and of course because its going too rain again today and tomorrow I did a bit more.


I can't show you what I did cos its a surprise for you!!!

Well I'm always doing surprises for the family and everyone else I thought it was your turn. But to give you a clue, it is very heavy and we (Kathryn & I) did 9 barrowfuls from front garden to the back.

Think you've got it? Well its nothing to do with the greenhouse either!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we have to wait for another dry day or two to finish it!!!!

So to rest my tired back I am knitting!!!!


A wildlife gardener said...

Might be blight, I'm afraid, libby :(

Can't wait to see the surprise though...

Gorgeous knitting too :)

RUTH said...

Ermmmmmm....have you been mulching...bark? cocoa shell? shingle?
Bit worried about your tomatoes...we had blight one year and it looked very similar :o(

Allotment Lady said...

Gorgeous wool - the surprise? Mulch, topsoil, can't wait to see.