Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday 9th Day

I feel I have been really neglectful (is that a word) of this blog. In some ways I treat it as a diary something to look back on. As well as sharing with you what ever it is I have been doing.
After my last op, I have as you know been pretty unwell. My energy levels out of 10 are currently about 1 or 2 max. I am just about keeping the troops fed, but much more than that has not been occurring. I don't know if I have told you that many years ago I was an M.E sufferer, I have found over those years, that if I get really ill, it will be a long slow haul back up. Hence lack of blogging, as not alot going on here.
Recently the original problem that I had the first op for, is back with avengence and I have now been referred to a dermatologist. This has not helped my frame of mind, as you know I am prone to the dreaded 'black dog'! I have had enough and have made myself an appointment with my GP!

In the meantime, you know how unsuccessful we are with cars! Well the red one has been involved in an accident!! Not our fault I hasten to add. We, Me, Hubby and Tori where all in it, no one was hurt and to be honest if you looked at the car from 10ft away, you would'nt believe me, as nothing looks amiss. But the insurance accesser says its a 'write off'!!!!!!!!Costs between £1600 and £2000 to repair. Cue the man up the road, who repaired the dent last month, he is a Body Shop not a dodgy dealer and his quote £450 - £500 big difference huh! The car has an appointment with the insurance engineer on Monday!
We only got this car September 2006, 15 months ago, as its a diesel we use this for all our long journeys, which are many, if they do write it off and we can't buy it back that will be £2500 down the drain as we certainly won't get anything like that back. I'm not sure what we will do. I will keep you posted.


Chris said...

Hello Libby, your Advent Calendar is building up nicely :-) Its nice to follow it. Sorry you are unwell at the moment, the weather doesn't help anyone's spirits does it? Hope you feel better very soon.

Maggie said...

Dear Libby, so sorry to hear about the car, but very relieved to hear nobody was hurt. Which is the most important thing.

We had similar car damage a few years ago when someone smashed into my car parked outside the side of our house (we're an end terrace). Bounced it against the street lamp it was parked under. Driver just drove off. First we heard was a neighbour hammering on our front door soon after midnight.

The insurance wrote it off, but we were able to buy it back and have it rebuilt by a small local firm that did a wonderful job - car has done loads of trips to and from Abersoch since, as well as stalwart service locally too. Both our daughters drive it when they need to drive (lets face it, even in a city like Liverpool public transport can just take too long and be too roundabout a way to travel).

We had a similar thing to you over the value - it was very low mileage when we bought it, and we had always had it serviced and looked after properly (still do).

The first valuation that the insurance company came up with was far too low given the low mileage, so we argued that with them. And they did increase the payment.

Can't remember all the details now.

But it took ages to get it all sorted out, I do remember that! Meant that I was totally housebound for weeks.

Here's hoping you get a good result with the insurance engineer.

Sorry to hear you are feeling so low. I wonder if you might find a light box helpful? Just I remember reading that there was a lot of SAD around this year as there was so little sun in the summer, and folks were beginning to feel low much earlier in the year than usual.

Horribly expensive though. I'm thinking I might just try one next year (am too broke this year with all the computer problems etc).

Hugs from sunny (for a change!) Liverpool

Ex-Shammickite said...

Libby, I'm sad to hear you are still not feeling up to snuff, and the bad news about the car accident doesn't make you feel any better, I'm sure. As the prisoner said to the pigmy judge, "These little things are sent to try us".... ohh sorry, that was a bad one wasn't it?
The advent calendar is really looking good, great idea, I must try taht next year!
Keep smiling!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling all that good Libby. I wasn't aware that you suffered from M.E. many years ago and am amazed, knowing that now, by the vast quantities of work you've done both in your garden and with all your wonderful indoor projects (knitting and such)!

Here's hoping you get a good result with the insurance engineer Libby, I'm keeping all my extremities crossed!!!!!

Sheila said...

Libby I'm sorry to hear you are feeling so low. The car problem can't be helping. Take life one day at a time. I'm glad you have made an appt. with the doctor. I hope you get some help and start to feel better soon. Winter can be dreary enough without feeling unwell.