Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 12

Our 2nd morning of frost, yes its cold but give me a crisp frost, blue skies and that bright sun any day to rain!!!!

Bit behind on the advent calander

the first camel!!!!

I have been knitting, well playing actually, tackling a stitch I haven't done before and I am pleased with the result

What is it? You mean you can't tell! Hrmph!!!!! Just a practise really but I'm pleased with how it looks, I just need to practise knitting a bit more evenly! Although theres alot of picking up of stitches which could explain its wigglyness!

I'm also knitting something for my sister, no its not for Christmas, they are all wrapped up and ready, this is just something extra, cos I love her!!

Yes it is on four needles and no the bead is not included its a stitch marker!!! I shall be taking these with me when I go and visit my mum!

The car insurance company have decided to deal with our claim, as a claim, at our request, as the car is still drivable. They will not 'write it off' instead they will send us a cheque to get the car repaired ourselves or spend the money as we want! Well we shall repair the car, it is booked in for the 14th January. In the meantime it is OK to drive. Which means I can drive up and get K from Worcester on Friday, she will then drive me up to mums, where we will spend the weekend, then come back via Worcester as K has to pick up some stuff and hopefully be back either Sunday or Monday!

Today I shall be pottering round the greenhouses, I have had quite a lot of leaves drop off the Brugmansias and I want to clear them all up, give everything a little water, check all heaters etc etc.


Jane said...

Your knitting looks very complicated! I didn't realise you had greenhouses. Could we see a photo? (I've got a thing about greenhouses, they always smell so inviting). I love the spring, when I can get out into mine and so some spring cleaning... washing pots, etc

mrsnesbitt said...

Gosh libby....4 needles!!!!!!
tell me how to manage 1! LOL!

just a quick visit, thank you for the beautiful card...what a lot of thought and kindness packed into an envelope.


Auntie Noo said...

The knitting looks great! Lucky sis!
So glad the car is sorted out OK, must be a weight off your minds at this time of the year.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Good news on your car Libby, I'm so glad for you!!!

Knitting with 4 needles is something I was taught at school a long time ago. I'm not sure i remember how to do it.

Happy knitting Libby!