Thursday, December 20, 2007


I expect you are all charging round getting yourself organised, whilst I am sat back relaxing and to be honest a little bit bored!!! This serves me right for being prepared since November, anyway here is an update of my advent calendar

Getting a bit crowded now! But K tells me it is far better seeing it in real life than on my blog!

I received a parcel in the post from my blog friend Vallen, before I left to go up to mums and it contained a CD filled with lovely Christmas tunes, so I wore it out on the drive, just to get me in the spirit!! Thank you so much Vallen a lovely way to share Christmas with one another!

T has her last day of the term today! We plan to put up our decorations either tonight or tomorrow. How restrained have I been, my indoor ones are usually up on the 1st December, but it didn't seem the same without the girls!

It is really cold today, as I type at 11.28 it is still -3C and bitterly cold. The Rayburn is blazing and I am cooking a sweetcorn chowder soup for lunch, the front stove is lit too.
I popped down to the greenhouse and the small ones heater is misbehaving somewhat, so I have moved the important plants across to the big one as that is quite toasty! well, compared with outside it is! I shall dig out the receipt as I think I shall have to return it!

Right off to find something to knit>

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Annie said...

And I thought I was ahead of the game this year! I shall have to use you as my inspiration for next year's preparations.

Merry Christmas to you and happy holidays too.