Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chicken & Egg Situation!

My Chickens have gone mad?????


Big Bird


and Babs

have laid 52 eggs since the beginning of March!

Thats an average of 2 a day, 14 a week. Well actually it doesn't work like that as last week we had 21!

Today we had 4

anyone for omlette, quiche, scrambled egg, Egg custard, fried eggs, poached eggs, boiled eggs and soldiers?


Cheryl said...

What time do you serve breakfast, I've got my suitcase packed!!

Auntie Noo said...

ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!

I've been dying to make ice cream and my sister takes 10 eggs off me a week plus a few for me, neighbours and friends.... and I haven't had enough spare yet! - It'll happen soon though!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Good grief Libby, what an enormous amount of eggs. 21 eggs in one week from just 4 chickens, is that a record?

I'd like a fried egg please, sunny side up, and for lunch I'd like an ommelette. :-)

Ex-Shammickite said...

Boiled eggs and soldiers, I haven't had that for yonks!
I'll be over right away, put the kettle on.
Obviously the lack of sunshine and spring weather hasn't affected the hens. Such gorgeous brown eggs too.

Vallen said...

Scotch eggs would be nice. Thanks

Chris said...

Wow! I agree, soft boiled with soldiers please :-)