Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This is Later!!

I left home at about 08.10 this morning to take Tori to school! I got back in about 16.30! phew! what a day! But the good news is.............. its Raining!!!!!!! my water butts are filling up nicely. The slugs and snails are coming out of the cracks and crevices and munching away, and the weeds are growing!! I wonder if we are going to have a May like last year??? Cold, wet and windy!!!!

Right so what has Big Bird been up to....... well she decided to help in the re-designing of the garden and thought the mulch looked better on the path than on the strawberry patch

Having had a good look round and thankfully not eaten the strawberry plants she has dug me 2 nice holes

which I presume means she thinks I need to plant something in them!!!!
Although I think she likes the idea of me growing up things, this year she was not impressed with the beans on the right side of the arch but was happy with the ones on the left as she left them!!!!

They where Lotties, French beans I told her, she wasn't impressed so I shall have to get some more!

I even pointed out fresh meat to her

but she turned her nose up at it and said she prefered her greens!!!!!!!! Now I have another daft chicken, at the moment, look...

its Babs, she has gone all broody on us, I keep having to turf her out, although it would be tempting to get some bantam eggs for her to hatch, I wonder if hubby would notice!!!!!

Otherwise the garden is suddenly looking green and is enjoying the rain and I even have a few flowers popping out here and there


RUTH said...

Oh er....big slugs; naughty chook! The cant remember plant looks like a lilac; the "hope not"??? a verbascum or floxglove? You've done really well to get Morning Glory in flower already; mine are still seedlings. Isn't it strange how the Choisya (Mock Orange) can smell so nice; yet brush by the leaves or cut the stems and it smells like cat's wee.

talj said...

Well, I needed cheering up and this post really made me chuckle! :o) Hope you manage to replant things and that the chook sticks to eating what she should!!

Otherwise looks like this are coming along nicely in your garden! I can't wait for my plants to start flowering! :o)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

LOL, those chooks of yours are completely off their heads! Not eating the slugs, what's up with that?

Thanks for a funny post and the wonderful picture show. A morning glory in flower already? How on eath did you manage to do that?

A wildlife gardener said...

My morning glory seeds are one inch high...hope they grow to look like yours, Libby! If your chookies give you eggs you can forgive a little naughtiness now and again, yeh? Wonderful flowers, superb lilac and looks like a wonderful verbascum on its way too. Green fingers, or what? I'd say so! Well done you!

Allotment Lady said...

Great post and photo show - looks like you got off lightly with big bird!

Mine used to did craters.

Lovely rain isn't it - bet we go from one extreme to the other.

I will send you some more beans - don't worry - you can sow them direct now.