Thursday, May 10, 2007

I don't know whats got into the animals in my life at the moment, they seem to want to help me in the garden! Today I was ably assisted by Tango, well assisted is probably not quite the right word.....

This is tango's passionate face. he goes all sort of pointed round the mouth and nose and has half closed eyes, when he's like this he wants to climb up all over you, curl round your shoulders and snuggle into your neck and demand lots and lots of attention! Which when your trying to pot up in the greenhouse can be difficult..
Having walked all over my tomatoes and been firmly told off he tries a new tack

'I'm so adorable, how can you resist me'

I'm still ignoring him so he now pretends to be good, but you can see he is very close to the edge of the potting bench, clawing away, just incase I pass him and touch him!

Now he's a little bit annoyed so is sat with his bottom towards me, but look at his face, its all still pointed, if I give one teeny weeny little inch he will be wrapped around me before you can say 'Summer'!!!!!!

Anyway enough of Tango what has been going on around here.....look


My Alocasia in the greenhouse is unfurling its first big leaf, the burgundy stem one which is on the patio has also produced a leaf

near the bottom of the stem. My poor banana

is looking very wind battered! But I was good and did some more digging in the jungle area

and got very wet!!!!!


Naturegirl said...

Oh forget the garden I want to get back and play with Tango!! What a sweet cat and that heart be cute I just want to mush him snuggle him...too cute too cute!
Thank you for calling me over to this post!You have a banana plant!!!
hugs NG

RUTH said...

Tango is so cute and how well you read his facial expressions. Bet you're excited at the cucumber! Must be a record surely...being so early in the season. Hope you've dried out a bit now....have a cuppa and put your feet up for 10 seconds..LOL

Vallen said...

Bananas are used to wind. She should be fine. I loved watching bananas grow, that great flower turning into dozens of bananas. Your garden is stupendous and so is the lovely kitty.

talj said...

What a cute kitty! Dont know how you can resist him! Looks like you have been pretty busy and the ickle cucumber is sooo sweet! :o)

Allotment Lady said...

What a difference having a heated greenhouse makes - your things are streets ahead - lovley post Libby

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Serves you right for calling him Tango, because Libby as you know, it takes two to tango. ;-)

He's adorable and so are the baby cucumbers.

So it rains a lot with you too? Here it's been raining all week with the odd dry spell here and there. Well, it's good for the garden but for the gardener, not so much!

My rain barrels are overflowing! Enough is enough, let's get the sun back, pronto!

~ Janice ~ said...

Tango is so sweet! He is a big boy, isn't he? I loved your descriptions of him as you tried to work around He was waiting for some lovin', for sure! Enjoyed seeing your plants and projects as well!

A wildlife gardener said...

Love, love Tango! Fabulous good looking a cougar. Great things happening in the greenhouse too! Well done, Libby...but don't be tempted to get a monkey if your plant produces bananas...hahaha!