Friday, May 11, 2007

Mumble, mumble, mumble!

Not in the best of moods today!!! My weight is creeping up again from the weekend away, I have also been having serious problems beacuse my diet altered so much over the weekend! Its actually got me quite down, does it mean if I go away I am going to have to take all the things I need to eat with me???? Everytime??? It makes me feel old!!!!! I'm not for goodness sake! I'm only 21!!!!!!!!!
I'm looking for a kitten as well and what I would like I can't afford!!! I know I could have any type of kitten around but I'm sorry folks once you've had a burmese you can't really have anything else. I mean who else knocks on the front window to come in the front door, then comes for a cuddle and a chat before he snuggles up next to the woodburner in the front room

This is Sassy, now shes more your in door girl but does like to assist you when your on the computer

Well I'm not sure you could call this assisting!! Tori gets really annoyed because when Sassy is with her she likes to type by walking up and down the keyboard!!!! She is also very bossy and if at 10pm hubby and I haven't gone to bed she comes to the bottom of the stairs and shouts at us!!

So I thought to myself get out girl, go and do some hard work in the garden, get those endorphenes (sp) powering round your body. So I went out and decided to clean out the chickens, its a quagmire again!!! Couple of days of rain and thats it!! A sea of mud! So I am going to have to come up with something to solve this!!

I decided to do some more digging at the bottom!!! Big mistake, just how depressing can things get..... because I have totally re dug the beds at the bottom, the bindweed has gone 'ape' its everywhere covering everything, just after a couple of days of rain. What is the point of planting new plants that will be smothered by the strangling bindweed in a couple of weeks! If I leave it the roots will get entwined into the new plants roots and it will multiply beyond belief!! So why I ask does no one else around us suffer with it?? I never see bind weed in either of the gardens to my left and right!!!!!

I know the answer is



talj said...

Friends of mine have two burmese cats and they are just adorable little things, I can see why you couldn't have anything else!!

Hope you have enjoyed the garden today and that you are feeling better very soon {{HUGS}}

RUTH said...

As if you'd really be happy with green concrete. I's this gloomy weather getting you down. Once the sun starts shining again; those 21? year old legs start racing round the garden and you accidently break your scales you'll feel much better.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Shame there isn't a mgic potion that will get rid of the bindweed for you. But somehow I don't think the green concrete is the right ide.! Although it would definitely work!
Keep smiling.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Libby, if it is any consolation, I have bindweed in my garden too. And no, you're not old, 21 really isn't that bad, believe me. ;-)

Finding your pedigree kitten that doesn't cost the earth: check out the websites of the various cat clubs in Britain for Burmese breeders in your area. Sometimes breeders have kittens that are around 6 or 7 months old or young adults and they go much cheaper. It's worth a try.

BTW I love it that Sassy comes and shouts at you and hubby to hurry up and go to bed. What a cat!!!