Sunday, May 13, 2007

May & April Swap!

There was a time when April was known for its showers! May was also a good time to have an early holiday! K's birthday is at the end of May and her cousin D is at the beginning! We have celebrated both of the girls birthdays with bouncy castles, parties in the garden etc etc. Last year they where both 18! So preperations went ahead, both had decided to have an adult bouncy castle at seperate locatons one at the beginning of May and the other at the end!!!
We went to D's party and it was freezing, she had a bouncy castle and bar-b-que but boy was it a miserable day weather wise!
K had opted for quite a big celebration, with a huge bouncy castle, bar-b-que etc, etc. We had arranged with the farmer to use the field at the back of the house. Watching the weather closely we realised it was going to be quite cool, so purchased fire pits, a huge marquee type tent, but the weather deteriorated so badly that nothing would have remained erected!! So the party was scaled down somewhat, the firepits and marquee where returned unused to the shops for a refund and as we had so little time to rearrange a smaller party was held at home!
I went and purchased a chocolate fountain, warned all the neighbours and it turned out to be a raving success! Especially the chocolate fountain!

We have had some fantastic holidays in May, especially when the girls where young! As I said some fantastic birthday parties too! So what on earth has happened to the weather?? We went and bought another water butt yesterday 210litre, from Wilkinsons (my favourite shop) £19.99, and set it up on the left side of the greenhouse! We now have 7 butts rigged up round the shed and greenhouse all apart from the new one are full!!!! We still need to find a really big one which doesn't require digging the patio up to fit it in,to set up next to the house!

Now the grass in our garden has reduced so much, are mower which never fails to start but has rusted so badly that I believe it is actually quite dangerous to use, we have been on the look out for another mower! Because our carbon footprint is so massive (solid fuel rayburn)we had been looking at getting a push mower. Whilst at B & Q yesterday getting bark chippings, we walked past a push mower that had been reduced from £29.99 to...............£15!!!! We bought it!Got to be good for the waistline!

I have sooooooo much to do in the garden and it is now just too wet to get out there! The new chicken run we where so pleased with, was a mud bath! Hubby and I spent yesterday afternoon sorting that out and bought some bark chippings to put down. We are going to have to rig some sort of roof, as they currently no longer have a dust bath! I have an idea on how to do one just not sure hubby will agree!!! We might have to wait until my sister and her hubby visit to give us a hand!!!

So what do you do with yourself when its wet outside???? Apart from housework and ironing? Yarnyard has had some beautiful yarn up for sale so I had a bit of a spending spree!!! With Christmas in mind of course! So I think I may get on with some knitting, try and get ahead of the game, so to speak! The only problem I have is if I sit for to long my back plays up! But... the damp weather has brought up a new problem, my poor old knees!! I was in so much pain yesterday, I actually had to take pain killers (unusual for me!) Well I can't really blame them, they have had to lug a very over weight woman around for well over 10 years, so it must have taken its toll somewhere!! Another incentive to lose more weight!


talj said...

Oh what a shame about the parties they sound like they would have been cool in the right weather!!

What do I do when its raining? The same as I do when its not lol Having spent so much of time stuck indoors since late November 2006 I have become used to having to find things to entertain me! The fundraising has been a huge help in giving me something to focus on during the days!

Now when it rains I find all I want to do is curl up in my chair, pull a blanket over me and watch a good film :o)

Have a nice Sunday :o)

Auntie Noo said...

Good deal on the water butt - I need some more but none round here under £40.... must need to move further away!

YarnYard stuff is lovely isn't it - I assume you're looking at that scrumptious new merino, not good for the bank balance!!!

My sister and I have birthdays end of April and Mid-May, and have had parties in the snow one year and swimming pool parties another.... this year I think I'm going for a boat race down the main road here!!!

RUTH said...

I know what you mean Libby; last month I was putting dishes under everything and having to water I'm removing the dishes in case the plants drown! Sorry to hear about the knees playing's rotten the way those "oh ah ugh" sounds creep up on us as we get older.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

It never rains but it pours, eh? We're been having this bad weather for May too. The weather seems to be all confused. We had June in April and now we're having April in May. I wonder what's next.

Sorry to hear about your knees, that can't be fun.

Good deal on the push mower!

Glad to hear that the indoor party was a success afterall, although I'm missing some vital pics of that chocolate fountain here. ;-)

Allotment Lady said...

My sons birthdays are both this week as we always had picnic parties in the garden - the week of their birthdays was always sunny - without fail - but not so far this week.