Friday, May 18, 2007

Awaiting the Arrival of a Few More Jungle Plants

I have been digging again, remember the pic of the patio in yesterdays post, well I have dug up the bed and some more of the slabs

The big part of the bed measures 142cm x 470 (4ft 8in x 15ft 5in)

with a banana in it. I can move the banana if necessary (I think). I have redeployed the plants I dug up around the garden. The smaller bed

now measures 100 x 170 (3ft 3in x 5ft 7in)since I lifted a row of slabs. I will probably keep the angelica and fennel for now as it gives me instant height. I need to paint the delapidated fence, which belongs to my neighbour but she thinks belongs to us! I am also debating about buying some bamboo barrier to sink along the boundary as most of her shrubs roots like to grow into my garden!!! The soil is quite good and has had the chicken run contents added to it over the winter. It is also quite stony as the outside privy used to be here. So now all I need is a man!!!! to help me lift all my jungle plants over to the bed so we can move them around etc. etc.

Just to show you how things are growing, my caster oil plant has had a burst of growth

so it is obviously happy here which I think is good, because we are going to have to dig it up!! The down pipe behind it is where the rainwater from the main roof and 2 flat roofs (sp) goes to a soak away ideally we should dig up the whole patio and sink a huge tank underneath, but this is not an ideal world!

My brugmansia which was lifting the roof off the greenhouse got moved close to the house and seems to be enjoying the position,

I need to repot it and I may move it. I would really love another one, but where I bought it from has not had anymore in!!

Just to finish on................
The most amazing thing happened at breakfast this morning, Tori said ' I will have to tidy my room tonight, it is really getting on my nerves'!

Music to my ears!!!

T has never kept her room tidy even though I have encourages her to do a little on a daily basis! I must admit since Feb. I have said nothing and done nothing, as I didn't want to upset her or nag her, I felt she had enough on her plate. To be honest getting into her room at the moment is rather like an obstacle course and how on earth she finds things for school I never know!
So maybe I have been doing it wrong all along! Maybe I should have left her to it. She has agreed with me a while back that over the summer she will have a really good clear out to make way for all the college stuff! I live in hope!