Friday, May 18, 2007

Comment box not Working!

The comment box is not working on the last post, so comment here!!


RUTH said...

Since the new Blogger automatic save thing I've had to go into post options to allow comments instead of it automatically happening. You have neighbours roots problems; I have neighbours Russian Vine problems....isn't it a pain when you work so hard on your garden and someone elses plants ruin it for you.
Just imagining the look on your face when Tori said she was cleaning her room.....good that your cunning plan

Allotment Lady said...

So while I spent the whole day yesterday working my socks off - you were too.

All your work shows a drastic change of your garden - wonderful designs - whilst mine looks the same but will less weeds.

Do you change it regularly, I wondered or is it this year you fancied a shake up.

I love all your 'rooms' in your garden - but can't have them here because of the layout.

Keep up the wonderful work.

BTW - I did the same with my son - it upset me that it was a tip, so I just closed the door on it and let it 'steam' if needs be. Didn't nag or moan - just said that it was his personal space so if he wanted to live in a tip - so be it - so long as it did not encroach anywhere else.

It took a while before he decided that not having any clean clothes etc was not a good idea.

Reverse physchology I think they call it LOL

Ex-Shammickite said...

I just posted a new post, so perhaps I should check my comments to make sure it's activated. I hate it when they mess about with things with no warning.
Your garden looks lovely. You must have been born with green fingers and thumbs!
Regarding tidying bedrooms.... both of my sons had the untidiest bedrooms ever, but now they have their own houses, and nothing, I mean NOTHING, is out of place!