Thursday, May 17, 2007

Before & After!

I saw blue sky today!!! Not much but as my Nana would say 'enough to make a pair of sailors trousers' what ever that means!!
Tori had her first part of the art exam yesterday, 5 hours!!!! Today is R.E! She I must admit is fairly upbeat, not sure whether thats good or bad!?

I got out into the garden again today and I must admit I am thrilled with how its coming along. When I started today it looked like this

and by the time I had finished it looked like this

I have re-seeded the bare patch in the corner, it is so damp and humid I think it has a good chance of coming up!

I was accompanied by

Sassy! I say accompanied as she is not a bit like Tango, she finds a nice sunny spot, fairly close to you and sunbathes, but keeping an eye on you making sure you don't move to far away!

So whats next, well, I need to move the slabs from the top to the bottom to lay here

then I can set up my tomato house! Of course I really need to crack on with the patio area, soon to be a jungle

there you go, one looking up the garden and one looking down! So I hope to tackle this, this weekend. I may start tomorrow depends on how my back is holding out as I think I might have over done it today!! SSHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


Vallen said...

Looking up the garden looks like paradise. The perfect spot for a lovely summer meal. You have yourself a beautiful retreat.

RUTH said...

I saw that glimpse of blue too! Got really excited till I saw our weather forcast for tonight and tomorrow. Rain and high winds! The garden is looking really spruced up but you be careful with your back. A nice hot Radox bath for you I think.
(DR.) Rx

~ Janice ~ said...

Your Nana said that because blue is the color of sailor's trousers! :o) I really enjoyed your 'before' and 'after' pictures! Nice all looks so lovely!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Your garden's looking lovely. The expression I grew up with was enough blue to patch a Dutchman's trousers! It confused me for years, especially as I didn't know any Dutchmen, but they obviously had large trousers!! Sue