Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stopped Raining!!!!

We have had so much rain recently just look at the garden

look at the length of the grass, I don't call it a lawn cos its not really! So I set too, I am really pleased with the way its coming along

the bed on the left is really taking shape, I would like to paint the fence buts its too soggy for me to stand on just yet! This is south facing but my neighbour has the most enormous silver birch as her hedge look.....

its should be dryish again tomorrow so I shall finish off the edges round the bottom and round the bed by the fish pond, on the right. Then I can tackle the jungle bed!! At the weekend provided hubby is feeling better (he has a cold) the slabs I've lifted at the top will be laid beside the greenhouse so I can get my some of my tomato plants into the tomato house and pots in the greenhouse. Just look at the size of them at the moment...

but theres no room to put them anywhere..

I had to move some of the tropical plants back into the greenhouse, although it hasn't been to cold its the cold and wet they don't like, look at my poor bananas..

of course I had an assistant

he does like to chat, and of course always likes plenty of attention!

I have put more bark chippings down in the chicken run, we hope to rig up a shelter in the next week or two

Anyway when I had finished what I wanted to do, I went inside and had some lunch then the postman delivered a parcel and look at all the lovely goodies I got, what fun I shall have with these, mainly christams presents!!!!


RUTH said...

It stopped raining here too this morning....started again now though! Your garden's looking really well on all that water and I'm sure the poor banana will soon recover...they say it's going to get warm....I hope so!

A wildlife gardener said...

We're having lots of rain...much more than you! Everything's greening up nicely though, so i shouldn't complain. We never have water shortages, that's for sure. Your garden looks lovely...who needs a perfect lawn? You've got super cats and chookies.

If you click on my main blog, and there's no new post, you can click on one of my three other photo blogs at the side instead. One shows what is happening each week at Barleycorn; one shows photos of my travels; the third shows my paintings. :)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Well, your grass looks very lush and green. Goodness knows our gardens needed the rain, but why overdo it, that's what I want to know. ;-)

It rained all night last night and most of this morning too. Hopefully more sunshine in the coming days so we can go out and garden.

Everytime you show some new pics of your garden, it has improved! Way to go, Libby! Not forgetting all the help that Tango has been giving you, of course! ;-)

BTW I'd like a nice pink sweater for Christmas. :-D