Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rush, rush rush!

Sorry I haven't posted since the wedding! I will try and get it done later today!! Its chaos here, I'm diving round like an idiot! My friend with MS is in hospital for 10 days, so have to see to her dog and visit her! Took Tori for her interview at New College, Swindon, yesterday. Today, I am visiting H and her daughter M. Just playing catch up really! Pics and post later!

This is a pic of the Houdini Chicken!!! Its 'Big Bird' and boy has she done some digging!!! Shame she didn't weed at the same time!!

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RUTH said...

Bet your friend enjoys your visits and is glad her dog is being looked after. Take it easy when you get the chance won't you..don't want you too worn out to blog!