Friday, September 28, 2007

Greenhouse Erection Weekend with problems!!!

Hubby has taken Friday and Monday off, to enable us to get the greenhouse up!! We have the sleepers which will act as the base, the land is roughly cleared. We just have to level and erect!!!!!

The problem *

* is he's not in a good mood because he bent my car yesterday! I say my car but infact it might be mine on the registration document and insurance but its his as he always drives it!

* we have to go to Worcester on Saturday

* I have a specialist appointment on Monday plus the electrician is coming to price up for fitting electrics into the new greenhouse!!!!

As its currently raining I have left him to have a lie in, and taken a pic of the car so I can post it for all the world to see lol!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think its that bad actually, no other car involved, just an altercation with a lamp post in the works car park. He is very angry with himself, but hey! its just a car!!!

I will try and keep you updated with the 'erection' process. Bye for now!


Ex-Shammickite said...

Well good luck with hubby's ... um... er... well.... I was going to say erection process, but maybe I'll just say have fun putting the greenhouse up in the rain!
I had a look at the tropical garden website that you referenced in your previous post, what an amazing garden! I got all inspired and thought "I'd like a garden like that" and them I remembered that I live in Canada.... snow, ice, blizzards, I don't think those wonderful tropical plants would survive,, so I'll stick to tulips and adaffodils.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

I'm with you Libby, it is just a car and not all that badly damaged either. Just a little knock, is all. ;-)

Hopefully the erection of the greenhouse will go smoothly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Have a lovely weekend!

Dawn said...

Ouch! Poor car! I'm glad the damage isn't too bad and especially happy that your dear husband didn't injure anything worse than his pride.

BTW, your title makes me smile. I love comic relief. :-)

smilnsigh said...

Good luck with the specialist appointment on Monday!