Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spring & Autumn Colour!

I've been out spending, tut! tut! But I think I got some good bargains look.......

a total of 160 bulbs for £16, a bargain I think,10p a bulb!!!! I am determined to have some colour, in the spring time. I plan to plant the tulips in pots and dot them around. The 100 flower bulbs (back left)I was wondering if I could fit them all in my window box in front of the house mmmmmmm might be a bit of a squeeze but would be lovely and cheerful in the spring. Now looking at the picture I'm sure I had picked up another pack of tulip bulbs, they where different types of 'white' so I would have had a few more with £1 off, I suspect hubby put them back with out me noticing, he does not like white!!!!! I of course love it!!!!

Lottie asked to see the chickens so I trotted down and of course first in front of the lens

Bunty! Then I got Big Bird and Babs, but Bree was having none of it, she is moulting at the moment so probably does not want her pic taken!!!!

I'm sure you all know by now that I grow Brugmansia's, Canna's and alot of tropical plants, wouldn't you expect them to flower during the heat of the summer? Not on your life look..........................

the brugs are going potty flowering left, right and centre at the moment!

I have taken lots of cuttings. I have moved all the ones about to flower up close to the house.

Why? So they will benifit from the warmth of the sun on the brick wall!

My red caster oil plant is flowering away quite happily, I wonder where the seeds will come from?


Ex-Shammickite said...

Your tulips will look lovely in the spring. Las your I bought a bag of 100 assorted daffs, they were a picture this spring, all different shades of yellow white and gold. I'm going to add some tulips this year.

mrsnesbitt said...

Wow! Aliums are my favourite! I too am planting bulbs this week and next weekend. I got a big bagfull from freecycle, so I am just going to plant and see what comes up!


Sheila said...

With your green thumb, your garden will look even more colourful this spring.
What a good deal as well..!

farmingfriends said...

Wow what alot of bulbs. I can't wait to see them growing in your garden.
I enjoyed meeting your hens. bunty is just like my Hatty the hen. Sara from farmingfriends

PG said...

Crumbs, I feel tired just looking at all those bulbs to plant out...I love the castor oil plant, never seen one before, it is a lot prettier than the name suggests!

Felicia said...

Beautiful flowers and chickens!

Allotment Lady said...

How I love your chooks photos - and all the flowers too - but especially the chickens - it was a while since I had seen them and I needed a fix