Sunday, September 21, 2008

In, Out, In, Out!!

Spent the day yesterday driving round the country! We left at 0700 to travel too Warwick Uni to take T on an open day! Which was very good, its currently her favourite. We then went over to Worcester Uni to visit K as she had left a few things behind, which she needed. We then came back home quite tired out after 2000!

Anyway today was a lovely day, hubby said he would help me sort out the greenhouse as I wanted to relay the slabs again, giving me a bit more space, (hopefully)

We have made a path around the central area to allow me to bring in some bigger plants!

I have had to dig up and pot some of my more tender bananas

The only worrying thing is, I'm not sure I have enough room????? I still have 3 large Ensetes, plus another 3 smaller ones plus my brugmansias??? Mmmmmmmmm!

Just look at that face. They love being out in the garden with us!

Meanwhile Jake has found K's 'moon chair' in her bedroom. We have a cage now, a big one, the plan is to introduce the cats to one another whilst keeping Jake safe in the cage! The only problem is, my two are never in at a set time and I can't keep Jake in a cage all day! This is turning out to be more difficult than I expected. I have even shut him in K's room and left the room he sleeps in open, in the hope that mine will come in sometime and have a sniff around, mine have yet to come in whilst he's not in the room!!!

We measured K's sunflower its 10ft 11/2inches

Love the colour of this one!

Right off to pop Jake back into his room!!!


lottie said...

Perfect - just perfect.

Chris said...

My goodness you had a busy day :-) I am pleased to say we now have two graduated sons :-) It was hard work but worth it!