Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'm back!! Some silly virus got past all my security, I ended up having to call a man in to sort it! I've yet to receive the bill!!! But what this has taught me is


how long is it since you have backed up your computer, if its awhile, do it, do it now! We are going to buy a large external hard drive to back up too and I shall get into the habit of backing up once a week.
I realised when all my security failed that what I have on the computer could very well be totally lost.
Digital Photos, I have stored but not got round to organising.
Family Tree, both hubby and I have spent many years researching our family trees, these are BIG files!
Letters, sometimes are only copy, what happened to carbon paper!
Keep all your discs and keynumbers, know where they are as you never know when you might need them!! This I am good at and could put my hand to everything I have loaded onto the computer.
Most of my pics are stored online as well.
I use a web based email so would not have lost anything there.
So the biggy for us would have been letters and documents and the Family History files.
So if you haven't, go do it now, BACK UP!

Other things that have been going on:-


Jake is still isolated from the other two but gets out to play whilst they are outside, he loves balancing on the bannister!

Sassy has been feeling the cold and whilst K was home had spent alot of time with her, she has been missing her and I often find her down K's bad under the bed clothes!

Out in the garden, my jungle did remarkably well this year, surprisingly, I think it really enjoyed all the rain but we could definately done with more sun, I don't think we sat out much at all!

The tree ferns really loved the damp weather..

The transformation down by the pond has been amazing, a real jungle paradise.

I'll have that greenhouse hidden in next to no time!!

The T-rex as you can see has really taken off this year, so next year I'm hoping for great things!!!

Looking back up the garden, you can see the mist this morning, it was a bit nippy only 6.1C when I woke about 06.30, its now 09.00 and has only managed 7C!!!
Where the wood is will be a new veg bed, thats where the chickens had been and opposite I plan to have a strawberry bed in a traingular patch.

The Indian Bean Tree (on the left, yellow leaves) will be moved this autumn. The veg bed beyond where you can see the sunflower growing (more on that in a mo!) Is going, I have had very poor results from this bed for 2 years now so I shall be slabbing it and this is where the Bar-B-Que will go. In hope of some decent bar-b-que weather next year!!! The indian bean tree will move closer to the BBQ area so as not to cast too musch shade on the flower/veg beds as it has a very thick canopy!

The Sunflowers....

when K came home from Uni she asked if she could plant some sunflowers, I said of course. Anyway they where planted very late and bearing in mind the weather this is the best one ever grown in our garden. These pics are for you K!

Comparing it with the Rocket Tree you can see how big it has got

One of the smaller ones she planted, such a lovely colour!


JJ said...

Looking excellent, Libby! The T Rex really has taken off hasn't it? And well done K with the sunflowers. I've been trialling a dwarf variety for Gardeners' World - I don't think it's meant to be under 12 inches tall though!

Queenly Things said...

I just ache with the beauty of that yard. Lovely, lovely, lovely