Saturday, September 13, 2008

Daughter & Great Niece

Some pics of T opening her pressies at an ungodly hour on her birthday

then as you know I popped up to see mum and managed to see my Great Niece as well, she will be 2 this December and she is just like her mum was when she was this age!

She is such a character.

I am really busy from now till the middle of October, as we have at least 2 Uni visits a week, plus hubby has an op, K returns to Uni.
I have started to clear out the greenhouse so will try and get some picks of the goings on in the garden.
the weather forecast say 4 days of sunshine.... shock


Sheila said...

T looks thrilled with her birthday presents, so I will assume she had a great day. Belated best wishes T..!
Your great neice is cute, she does look like a little character. Hope hubby's op goes well, will check back for updates.
hugs...oh! and enjoy the sunshine..!

Shammickite said...

Four whole days of sunshine, wow, can hardly believe it. We just suffered through the remnants of hurricane Ike, just some hard rain and strong winds, nothing like the disaster that they have in Texas and Louisiana.
Great Bday shots, I love Bday prezzies!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Belated happy birthday to T. 18 is a wonderful age to be and she certainly has turned out to be a very beautiful young lady. You've done well Libby.

Great Bday shots, I love the one where her mouth dropped when she opened the little box! ;-)

Your little great niece looks so sweet, love those little curls on her.