Friday, September 26, 2008


The other day after hanging the washing out I decided to take a few pics. The rain has certainly helped my garden this year and had we had a bit more sunshine I think I may have needed a machete to get through the jungle plot!

The Red Tiger, banana at the back has grwn immensly, so much so I think I may have to move it as I think its a bit close to the fence!

Can you see why I love the Maurelli so much, isn't this leaf lovely!

The sedums are all a beautiful colour at the moment.

My Queen Elizabeth rose still flowering madly.

Further down the garden I have a few bananas still in

the problem being is I can't find the labels so don't know which is what?? Do you lose labels, I seem to be brilliant at it and that is not good!

In the greenhouse is one of my Alocasia's

I have always loved this one because of the markings and the shiny leaves. I moved it in as we have had quite a few cool nights!

In my other greenhouse is my very special Manihot Grahamii

I will over winter this in the greenhouse as it is so small but I need it to lose its leaves so it will have to be placed in a cooler part of the heated greenhouse!

Behind my small greenhouse my neighbour grows this

it is now invading behind the small greenhouse but my side of the fence

and I expect it to arrive in the greenhouse next year, as you can see I have quite a problem as the space is not big enough to fit a spade down let alone my bum!!!!!!

Do you remember the size of my Tetrapanax Rex when I planted it, no? Well look here to remind yourself! Now look at it.

Imagine how big it will get next year!

This corner will need sorting as yet again I have to much in a small space...

I'm glad I potted the bamboos into these pots they have really taken off

and I couldn't really complain to my neighbour about her invading grass if I had let the bamboo run free!!!

My cup and sauce plant (Cobaea Scandens) I have never grown it before and I highly recommend it if you have something that needs to be covered, fast! It is an annual, so if you don't like it you just dig it up at the end of the season. I like it

the flowers first bloom and they are a pale colour getting

darker as they age.

and the bees love the pollen

and finally the second meeting has occured, Jake has spent a fair bit of time in the cage whilst Tango & Sassy where around. Having had a very busy week trolling back and forth between home the college and the hospital. When Hubby came back from hospital yesterday he said how skinny Tango has got, and he's right, I hadn't noticed how much weight he has lost. So we decided that currently the biggest scent in the house was Jakes, as basically Tango only comes in to sleep then goes out in the morning till the following day. So we decided to push things along and T very kindly came in at about 5pm yesterday, so I locked the cat flap, Jake was in the cage and we shut the kitchen door. So Tango had to deal with it. Everything went so well we opened the cage and.................

nothing happened??? You can see Tango in the distance by the cat flap. They walked around, skirting one another, I expected Tango to take at least one swipe at Jake and nothing happened, no growling, spitting or swiping??? So we opened the kitchen door and they both wandered around, very wary of one another but it was so fine we left them to it, but kept our ears peeled. Jake stalked Tango where ever he was about 10 inches behind was Jake! He is so desperate to have a mate to play with and my two don't want to play at all! Maybe I will have to get a kitten lol! Shhhh don't tell hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More to follow...............


RUTH said...

Such fabulous plants! I love them all....really enjoyed the photos of them all.
BTW...think the problem with student loans is just University Campus least I hope so for all the poor students sakes. A few of my pals at other Unis don't seem to have had a problem. Always worth checking though.
p.s. won't mention anything about

Cheryl said...

Libby your garden is a credit to you.....I cannot believe how lush and tropical it is......I have so enjoyed seeing it progress through the season....

The cat saga is fascinating.....will they all be okay together now????

Libbys Blog said...

Ruth: some of K's friends haven't got there loan but she did! Phew!

Cheryl: We really need Tango to give Jake a swat, until someone puts someone else in there place we have no dominant cat in the house. I leave them out together when I am in but haven't risked it without me being here. We are pushing it a bit so each evening they all get shut in a room together with us and we wait with baited breathe for a spat!!??