Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tori & Mrs Nesbitt!

Tori had a bit of a day yesterday!! I must admit she has really turned her course work around. Over half term she worked sooooooo! hard and finished off about 5 pieces!! So all thats left is Science, some more Drama, given to her Friday!and Art work!! When we went out yesterday to get some photographs for her Art course work we got chatting and a big concern for her at the moment is the amount of coursework still to do and the fact that she doesn't really have any studying time!!! To cap it all, and I am furious about this is, 2 of her Art projects have been lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which, if they truely are lost at school, means she has to do both projects again and have them finished by 1st April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her first exam is 22nd May and the history teacher told her she has to do at least 30 hours of study, she is taking 9 GCSE's so if they all need 30 hrs thats 270 hours! I have no idea how she will fit that in. I know for a fact that one of the weekends between now and then we are going to a friends wedding, I also haven't seen my mother or sister since December.

No pics today, sorry, nothing to take pics of!! Had a lovely chat with Mrs N, hee! hee! I know what she's been up to and you don't!!!


RUTH said...

I so hope they find Tori's work. It would be so unfair for her to have to do it again.
{{hugs}}to you both

mrsnesbitt said...


Allotment Lady said...

My goodness that is a lot of subjects to take - can she not do some of them if it is putting her under too much pressure and just concentrate on ones that she can cope with.

Lets hope her coursework turns up soon.

Denise is always up to something lol

2600 visitors - another milestone. I remember when you first started, like denise, and just had a few.

Have you heard any more from the bbc enquiry?