Friday, March 09, 2007

Spending my Garden Vouchers

I charged up the dragonfly solar light and took a pick of it last night, it is so cool and still going this morning!!

Remember these

Well at long last I went and spent them!! It was the Garden Club members days at my very favourite Garden Centre and yes, of course, I'm a member! Remember I wanted one of these too...

well with the aid of this..

I was well on my way to getting one, well maybe not that exact one but a smaller version!!

I got this little lot for under £30 so I still have a £5 voucher left!!!!!!!!! I am well chuffed, just got to decide where to put it all!!!!!

My new wool arrived from the yarn yard yesterday, Tori is sooooooooooo excited. I must admit Natalie has excelled herself and as soon as I have finished my current knitting (a surprise pressie for a friend) I will get on with Tori's things.

Must dash, I'm off to collect Kathryn from Uni today, she has reading week and needs to bring her computer and 'dirty' washing home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I will get to see where she will be living next year, she has also found a couple of little cars for sale, which I will be taking a look at, Tori starts to learn to drive in September and to be honest we can't afford to insure her on either of the cars we have, their engines are too big, so we need a little car. What we have to decide is do we run 3 cars or sell the estate car and have just 2 little cars (are other car is a Peugout 306)! I think we may struggle with 2 small size cars, we will have to see!!

I must admit I am not getting round to visit everyones blog as often, now I am playing in the garden. I really want to get rid of the 'black dog' so I am making a massive effort. So please forgive me if I don't pop in as often, I can promise you I have not forgotten you and when I do visit I do read all the posts I've missed!


RUTH said...

What a great "spend" you had there. It is difficult to get round all one's blog friends; it takes so much time. I am sure there is a way to be informed if someone has updated but I don't know what it is. It would be easier if I KNEW who had something new to say rather than hopping in and out on the off chance esp. when the internet is having a slow day. Enjoy your gardening; rainy here today but so enjoyed yesterdays weather.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Love the dragonfly, very pretty!

So you finally got your wish. Lovely plants Libby and you still got a voucher left. Imagine that.

BTW How do you make the lay out of your blog so that the pics go where you want them to go? Any advice on that would be most welcome.

Have you checked out the fab footwear for gardening on my blog?


Allotment Lady said...

Wow fantastic plants - what a joyous day.

Have a great weekend with Kathryn home and decisions decisions with the cars.

Vallen said...

Will little cars be okay for carting around enormous plants?

smilnsigh said...

Oh I love that dragonfly solar light!!!

We have some little lanterns in the back garden. Which I call my Faerie Lights.

I want a Dragonfly one!!! :-)


mrsnesbitt said...

Lovely way to spend your vouchers Libby.

Dont worry about not leaving comments on blogs....I get concerned sometimes but know people read my blog like they do yours and read of what we do, so they know we are busy.


Scarecrow said...

Wow Libby I love that dragonfly light never seen anything like that over here :(
Love what you spent your vouchers on. How lucky are you!!!!
Spring must be in the air over there with all these happenings in your gardens. You're doing well with all your seedlings!!
Love the 'frog reports' its a bit dry over here for froggies but sometimes they appear.
BTW I'm updating my link list on my blog I'd love to include your garden blog on it if you have no objections.