Sunday, March 11, 2007


Sorry for not posting yesterday, it has been a bit traumatic here since Friday!! I feel very sorry for Kathryn, who on Thursday, as you know signed the contract with her 3 bestfriends for the house they will live in next year! They all very excitedly then went out for a celebration meal, planning the things they would do, take etc. etc.

Friday I went to get her and her 'dirty washing'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had been home exactly 20 minutes when she got a call from S to say, A was pulling out and had phoned the landlord to tell him!! The reason being she couldn't afford it!! This has massive implications as the contract says if one defaults they are all liable! So K, taking Tori with her for company drove back up to Worcester that evening to talk it through with everyone.

They returned early Saturday with the situation unresolved and K in tears. I think she is more upset that A didn't talk to her of her worries as she considers A her bestest bestest friend!

All through her life Kathryn has had some amazing 'best' friends. Every single one of them without fail has a) seriously let her down. b) gone behind her back, c)something else serious to end the relationship beyond repair! I thought it was only a phase!

Anyway before you start thinking well if A has money issues we should bear this in mind, she is taking 3 holidays this year one of which is to a Greek Island! By the time K got up to Uni, because the holiday's had been pointed out to her, had changed her mind on why she couldn't join them in the house. All the girls knew about A's financial situation and had been checking with her all the time they looked for a house that 'are you sure', 'is this cheap enough' etc.

Options available to them now, find someone to fill A's space! The problem here is they are renting a terraced house and none of the bedroom doors have locks on them, so they will be inviting a stranger into their house and have no way of securing their valuables. The landlord is currently unhappy to fit locks on these doors as they are firedoors!

They do know a girl who all four had decided was a serious no, no becuase she has such awful 'paddies'. This girl was due to share with 2 other groups but these other groups went off and signed a contract without her, I think that says it all! But sadly looks like it maybe the only option, unless the landlord lets them off the contract! (Unlikley)

I will keep you posted.

I did do gardening yesterday, but forgot to take pics. I will be more organised today! But I did get a lovely photo of the sky at dusk! The rest are on my sky blog!


RUTH said...

Poor Kathryn...just as things were looking good! Any chance of them trying with the other girl on a TRIAL basis....if it doesn't work out maybe they will have met someone new at Uni who they feel they could trust. Failing that maybe they could put an actual lock on a cupboard to keep ultra valuables in? Hope it gets sorted out.
Wonderful sky picture. Weather looks good here today so won't be staying inside.

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh dear, I feel for K, do give her a hug.
I am sure something will soet it out! At least they discovered her tactics early on and not when they were in a difficult situation, like she didn't pay her share of the rent!


Allotment Lady said...

oh no - what a shame, things seem insurmountable at times, but usually work out alright in the end.

Life is such a learning curve - isn't it.

So many ups and downs, with situations, friends, health etc.

At least they have time to sort things out - and I am sure that they will.

Keep your chin up Kathryn xx

Ex-Shammickite said...

That's a shame, but not unusual, I'm sure they will sort it all out. Finding suitable Uni student housing is such a pain, it's a case of Been There, Done Thht...

Sheila said...

Better they found out sooner rather than later. Hopefully it will be resolved to everyones benefit. It must me horrible to have to live with someone you don't care for or cannot trust.
Fingers crossed this comes to a good end..

smilnsigh said...

Sorry about the problems. But beautiful photo.