Friday, March 16, 2007

Eyes and bouquets!!!!

Can you believe it? They have forecast 'SNOW' for next week. Snow in March, having treated us to a lovely week of sunshine, well thats the British weather for you.
Q:- So where should I be?
A:- Out in the garden, continuing my redesigning!!
Q:- Where am I?
A:- Sat down drinking coffee and blogging to you!!!!!!
Q:- Why?
A:- Cos I'm pooped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it has been a rather hectic week!!

Yesterday I took Tori to the eye clinic at the Great Western Hospital. Boy was she brave, the eye bloke looked at her eye and decided there and then he was going to laser it! He said, what had happened in her eye was quite unusual for someone so young! So she has been zapped and has to go back in 6 weeks for a check up!!! By the way for those people that ever need to be lasered, she says its 'a piece of cake'!!!

Went off to the hairdressers this morning and bumped into 'Gramps' (he's the neighbours elderley father, that I took to the hospital at the other end of the county on Monday) he lives in a very beautiful part of Melksham and he invited me to his flat for tea.

So we went up an alley

past a small knot garden

It was very picturesque, I had no idea this lane was here! Look what I got for my troubles on Monday

aren't they gorgeous, couldn't have picked a better colour!!!
Just to let you know I haven't totally neglected the garden, yesterday I went out and filled the greenhouse to the brim, I'm not sure I can fit anything else in there, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, we will see......

I have been popping the onions outside each day, just so they don't die of cold when they go out. I was going to put them out this weekend, but with the forecast of snow, maybe not..........

the shelves on my stand

the back shelves

the fig just bursting into life

I only hope I can keep this lot alive if it does go cold again!!!

Right got to dash again, off to deliver a birthday card and collect Tori and take her shopping!!!!!!


Joanna said...

I can't believe its forcast to snow next week. Thats amazing, I should be out side making the most of the sunshine.

RUTH said...

You deserved that bouquet and glad "Gramps" is ok. I love that knot garden you passed. How incredible to have the laser treatment done "on the spot"; hope it will really help Tori. I've got to find room for so much garden stuff inside; had really hoped everything could stay in the plastic greenhouse from now on...but won't take the chance.

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh No! Snow!!!!!
Hope it is OK to drive on Monday!


Vallen said...

And here we thought we were something at my house because we popped a few herb seeds in the ground. A fig tree? That is enviable

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Knot garden pretty! And so is your bouquet of lovely red and yellow flowers.

The weather won't be much better where I live, Libby. It will be bitterly cold and nasty next monday. Brrrrr, back to winter it seems after our lovely week of real spring weather. I don't know if I and my plants can stand it!

My greenhouse is also stuffed to the gills with seedlings and stuff. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your and my seedlings will survive the cold.

Sheila said...

No wonder you are pooped...!!!
I'm glad Tori's laser treatment was straight forward. I confess to a phobia about my eyes and hate even getting them tested.
The elderly gentleman obviously appreciated your help very much. Those are lovely flowers. We are supposed to have snow tonight..I hope they are wrong.