Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cats, pips and other things!!

Today I think I might pass the 3000 mark! Not bad for a blog started last September! Thank you everyone for reading my ramblings!!

I have the morning to play, so whether I will be here reading blogs or out in the garden all depends! Can you take your daughter to see a specialist with 'gardening hands' I wear gloves but it doesn't really help, well it probably would help more, if I didn't keep slipping them off to do a fiddly job then forget to pop them back on again!!! Mmmmm!

I really don't like my cats at the moment. Whilst Kathryn was home, they use her window to get in and out. Each night she moved my plants off her windowsill then popped them back the next morning. Now she has gone guess who forgot!!!! Even though her window wasn't open look what happened

this is one of my dates!!!!

the carpet is covered in soil, I had taken a pic but when I looked at it, bearing in mind I was wearing my 'nightie' there is a reflection of my 'bare' legs in a mirror (not a pretty sight) and I really would not like to put you off!!!!!!!!!! I hate to think what I have done to K's carpet because when I first saw it I panicked (sp?) and tried to scrape it all up instead of leaving it to dry then hoovering!!!!

Fortunately the ginger is still intact

I think I need to repot the dates and ginger, with it all being knocked over I think the soil needs to be a better!!

These are the 2 caster oil seeds that have come through

the third has not so far, but I only really wanted one as these things grow quite big!!! Can you see the green leaf in both the pots? I thought it was a weed to start off with, then when they both had exactly the same I thought maybe not!!!

I am also after a Paulownia tomentosa which is a Foxglove Tree, for my tropical garden. I am watching some on ebay and can't decide whether to buy a plant or buy some seeds grow them then sell them on ebay later??? The plant is in Worcester so I have sent a message to ask if I can collect it when I next go up (2 weeks).

I have just looked at my hands and bearing in mind I picked up all that soil earlier I think its a garden morning!!! Although I really ought to do some housework as my sister 'may' be coming to visit this weekend!! Choices, choices!!

Right must dash, have to take Tori to school!!!


RUTH said...

I would have sworn rather badly at the cat! Your ginger is brilliant mine's just sitting there doing nothing and no sign of the castor oil yet. One of the seeds disintegrated a bit when I soaked it so keeping my fingers crossed. I can't wear gloves either, I do try but just can't get on with them. The foxglove tree sounds exciting...I'd probably opt for the plant if it's not too expensive, it saves being patient.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Oh dear, a windowsill gardening disaster, never mind, clean it up and start again, and don't speak to the naughty cats for a day or two.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi Libby,

Fortunately your plants and seedlings survived the disaster! Cats can be a pain sometimes, I know. ;-)

3000 hits in just a few months? Not bad eh, not bad at all. Congratulations on having such a popular blog!

A Foxglove tree, sounds very interesting!

Sheila said...

I'm sorry to see the mess you have to clear up...!
Darn cats..!
The foxglove tree sounds like fun, can you post a photo of one, I'm intrigued..?