Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Student accommodation and more gardening!

I have been a good girl today took Tori to school, went to see my friend Hayley and her very intelligent 2 year old Megan had a lovely time there. On the way back I called in at the tip to leave my green waste, cardboard and plastic. Went to the paper shop to get a paper for my neighbours elderly father who is house sitting for them. Then phoned my other friend (the one with MS)and arranged to take her out to a garden centre!
I then got a call from Kathryn who is very excited because they have found a house!!! No she is not buying it! The first year at Uni you usually stay in halls. The second and third year you have to find rented accommodation.
Initially Kathryn and her friend Annie where going to share an eight bedded house with 4 lads, they had agreed to find another 2 girls so it would be 4 and 4 as there where 2 bathrooms they could have had a girls & a boys. I was happy with this because it ment someone would always be around as K's particular friend often goes home at the weekend and she is worse than me, in being scared of the dark!! She leaves a lava lamp on in her bedroom all night!
Anyway to cut a long story short the girls won't be joining the lads and went off house hunting themselves and are thrilled because they have found a house not far from the Uni, it is four bedded and has everything they wanted and only £60 per week including bills!!! The only thing they have to pay for is insurance, TV licence and broadband! They have found 2 more girls, one who also goes home on a regular basis and the other one doesn't. So I'm releaved K, won't be on her own too often!! Oh! yes and the other great thing is the landlord has agreed to let them move there stuff in for the summer (end May to September) and it will only cost them about £150 each. So when we have to move her home from Uni at the end of May, she can move her stuff straight into the house instead!! Thank goodness for that, I was dreading the clutter!!!

I've been down the garden again, when we moved the chickens we dug up some shrubs, well I have found a new home for them

I had some pyracantha here but they weren't right and they where lethal with there sharp thorns, so I dug them out and have planted in there place an escalonia, weigeila and lilac!

When ever I spend time in the garden I always have company

and they always find somewhere comfy to lie!! Tango is ontop of the Gunnera, I had a look at this the other day and because it is so mild it has started to sprout! So I think I may have to uncover it during the day and maybe pop some fleece over it at night!

Info: especially for Vallen, Corn Salad or Lambs Lettuce click to find out more info!!!


Vallen said...

Mache, that's a name I know. It appears you will be making the salad for the potluck this summer.

RUTH said...

I can read the smiles and relief in your words. I'm so glad that some of your worries have been solved.
Nice to get out in the garden too...a slight frost forecast here I to am keeping an eye on all those "too soon" shoots.

Allotment Lady said...

Good news about the house for Kathryn - really cheap too between them.

You have been moving shrubs too - and it even looks a similar fence to ours

Just love your kitty company..

Gill said...

Great news about K finding accomadation :-}

My cats do the same thing, wander round watching me, investigating what I have been digging LOL

Take care