Monday, March 05, 2007

BBC Wiltshire

Well what have you been up to today?? I was here this morning!

BBC Wiltshire Radio, talking about 'blogs'! This is the phone in bit, with Annie the producer on the far phone and Nikki who contacted me closest to us!

Here we are in the studio me with Graham the presenter,

Here is Graham showing off all his equipment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was only on for 5 minutes and I could have nattered on for ages about blogs, you know what I'm like! But I hope we got the message across, that anyone can do it and after some time you meet like minded people and become friends there is no restriction on how far away they live either!!!

Please make an orderly queue, I will be signing autographs later!! LOL!!!!!!


Auntie Noo said...

Darn I missed it while out walking the dog!! - I think blogs are great - I feel so lucky in that I have made real friends through my blog - even though I've never met them! - and it's great to be able to write somewhere knowing that those who are interested will read, and those that aren't will leave well alone!!!! - Hope they put it on the "Listen Again"!!!

mrsnesbitt said...

You were simply marvellous darling......marvellous!

allotment lady said...

Well done Libby - the photos are lovely

Gill said...

I couldnt listen :-} bet you let them know all about it. Good for you FAME!

Take care

RUTH said...

AGHHH! I missed you too! When that Hollywood producer snaps you up please email me in case I don't get to your blog early enough. So glad I kept the card you sent with the means I already have your autograph...could be worth a fortune one day!!
Your devoted fan and admirer

smilnsigh said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa you!!!

And aren't you the pretty lady!!! Yes you are.