Friday, March 02, 2007

Lime Marmalade & the Black Dog!

I do try hard to write a cheerful blog because I don't want to lose any of you, hence loads of pics recently!! But......

Have you heard of Winston Churchill's 'Black Dog'? (Depression)

"Our society unfortunately still has these strange ideas about depression – that weak people get depressed. If weak people get depressed then why did Winston Churchill get depressed? Why did Abraham Lincoln get depressed? Why did Charles Darwin get depressed?" Dr Ian Chung.

I am sadly one of these people and I believe I have done well to get through the last 6 months with everything thats been going on! Anyway I saw the GP 2 weeks ago and everything is now in hand. To be honest its a b****r! I still have no idea why? Its like someone has flicked a switch and try as I might I can't seem to flick it back! I must admit I don't talk about it much as I don't like people knowing, but I can tell you because I don't see you!!!!!
I don't need sympathy, I would never ever harm myself in any way shape or form, because I know I am better for the family a zombie in the corner of the sofa than not here at all!! I also know how loved I am!! So maybe now you understand my confusion as to why I get this!!

So what do I do to help myself, I set a task everyday, something I have to do or should try to do. Usually I am quite happy to spend a whole morning down the garden or cooking, sewing, knitting or whatever. I am lucky if I can manage half an hour at the moment, so that is what I do and today it is the turn of the Lime Marmalade. This takes alot longer than half an hour, but I can break it up, so last night I gathered the ingredients

such lovely cheerful colours!

I then squeezed all the lemons and limes and put the lime skins through the mincer (I don't like large rind in my marmalade)then put the minced rinds into the juice to soak over night!

This morning I popped it all in a pan, in the bag are the membranes and pips of the lemons and limes.

Still looks a nice colour!

Then I boiled it for 1 hour before removing the bag and adding the sugar. Now the photo does not really do this justice because it still looks a good colour here but to be honest it looks like 'vomit'!!!!!

I did the saucer test, well in my case the small plate test,to see if it had reached setting point. I also took the opportunity to taste it! My goodness it will certainly wake you up, hubby won't like it, I think it will be too bitter for him!

then poured it into the jars.

and now a close up!

Next time I won't put so much of the rind in! Can't wait to taste it, maybe I will have a piece of toast for lunch!!!!!!

So for coffee break I wandered to my favourite spot in the garden and what I do love to see apart from sunshine, is washing on the line

chickens enjoying themselves, even though they have wrecked the garden

look at all the frogs spawn. The lump I showed you the other day has grown and is getting tails!!

I will keep an eye on it this weekend and let you know how they grow! Right I'm off to have lunch down the garden, catch you all later!!


Anonymous said...

io said...

very good ok tutto perfetto dal vostro amico assiduo frequentatore azzurro-italiano orgoglioazzurro,,,,,,,

smilnsigh said...

You write what you need to write, Dear One. There is no one alive, who has not had some form of "being down," as I often call it.

I'm proud of your 'pluck,' as we say. In how you try to deal with this. And I wish you much strength, in this task.

Hugs to you,
Mari-Nanci said...

Hi Libby -

I'm a reporter with BBC Wilts - and on Monday we're talking about blogging. Having read some of your tales here I think you'd be perfect - and I noticed that your daughter also has a blog page. It's fantastic - and would be really interesting to hear how you got into it.
One of the other things I think is lovely is how you seem to have built up a real community who are regular features in your life - Mrs Nesbitt for one! It's one of the things that would be of real interest to anyone who hasn't done this before.
Please get in touch and chat to us!
Thanks a lot


Vallen said...

Hey Miss Libby, you're gonna be famous, you and all your frog tails!!!!
That lime marmalade looks terrific. Hard to be down with limes around.

mrsnesbitt said...

Oooooooooooooooooooooo Libby!
Fame girl!
Go xLibby! Go Libby!



RUTH said...

Fame Libby...maybe that will help lift your spirits. It's a rotten time of year at the moment...that between winter and spring time. Any time you need to rant email me; I'll send you my phone number too but must admit sometimes if I'm busy with Mick it can be difficult to talk. An extra big {{HUG}} for you today

Yolanda Elizabet said...

You're not the only one who suffers from this. There are some things that you can do to get rid of this depression. Light therapy works for some people, for others a supplement of L-Tryptofaan. See your GP and ask what can be done for you.

Wow, that's a lot of marmelade you made. Have you tried it yet?

Ex-Shammickite said...

OOOO Fame at last! Don't forget to tell the BBC man where you got the lime marmalade recipe from!!
And your marmalade looks super, I know sometimes it looks a rather muddy colour, but it tastes great... guaranteed to wake you up in the morning.
And as for that nasty "Black Dog", I feel that the dreary damp days with very little sunlight have a huge effect on us all. Go out and buy yourself a big bunch of tulips or daffodils and sit next to them, just drinking in the wonderful colours and smells. Kick the Black Dog out into the rain.

welsh girls allotment said...

Marmalade looks fabulous I bought a pile of seville oranges from the reduced bin the other ready to make some marmalade with, I am watching your frog spawn with interest as a friend is going to give me some from her pond for my allotment and my pond at home. Fame at last for all your hard work on the blog !

Libbys Blog said...

Oh my!! BBC hey!!! Will this be my 15 minutes of fame I wonder??

Libbys Blog said...

welsh girls allotment, I have tried to visit your blog but can't, but thanks for visiting me!!

Allotment Lady said...

Sorry to hear that you had had a touch of the blues - and the news that the local BBC want to interview you will be a great boost.

Radio or TV

So glad you took up the 'keys' and started a blog - I remember when Mrs Nesbitt finally started one - and like her you have never looked back.

Nice to be a part of all the people who have started blogs after reading mine.

You are a great cyber pal Libby - you have my 'number' so if ever you feel a tad bit down and want someone to talk to - pick up the phone. If I am out leave a message , I will get back to youxxxx

Gill said...

Hi Libby,
I too have had "the black dog" know how you feel, setting a task a day is a great idea.

The marmalade looks GREAT :-}

Take care