Monday, February 26, 2007

Likes & Dislikes!!!

There are days when you really dislike lots of things you normally like!!!

For example I love my Rayburn (normally)but today having let it out last night, I had another battle to get the firebricks back in!!! For all future owners of Rayburns, I can assure you it is not normally like this! After it has cooled they should just slot in!!! But for some unknown reason mine don't! I had a battle to get them out at the end of last year as well, so something is not right somewhere!! I think I will have to get 'the man' in during the summer!!! But because I had to scrub the sides with a wirebrush etc just look at the mess and the dust

Now this layer of dust has covered everything, and I mean everything in the kitchen so I have had to wash down all the surfaces, cupboards, shelves, toaster, kettle and other items normally left out plus washed the floor, hoovered and dusted the dining room (as its part of my kitchen). The only thing I haven't done, because I can't bring myself to do it, is along the tops of the cupboards, I will have to do those in the summer!

How can something as lovely,cuddly and adorable as this (I'm talking about the cat!!)

cause me so much grief!!!!! Well its done with these.....

he always comes in with the most dirty feet! Even Sassy's aren't as bad as this! The thing is he likes to dry them off on 'you'! So there you are minding your own business, drinking coffee and reading/knitting or what ever and plonk! he arrives on your lap walks all over you (if you haven't thrown him off first) wipes off all the mud and only once he's practically dry will he go and lie in his favourite spot!!!!!!!!!!

I used to have a Draylon suite and I must admit towards the end of its years it had an odd aroma! When you look at the state of my leather suite you can understand why!!

Now I don't want you all to think that I don't do housework, I do (sometimes)just not as often as I probably should do, theres loads more interesting stuff to do, but these chairs had been cleaned on Friday so thats 2 days worth of cat prints, no longer, honest!!!! But at least now I can wipe the mud off!!!
Actually this reminds me of a story Kathryn told me, she was busily working on her computer in her room, when she was hit on the back of the head by something, as she turned round another 'something' came flying past her and either stuck to the wall or her computer screen, it turned out to be the mud off Sassys feet that she was loosening with her teeth and as she pulled it her leg sort of boing off and the mud flew across the room in a catapult (no pun intended) sort of motion!! So they are both as bad as one another!!!

But how can you not love this

or this

Went back to the specialist today, as things aren't right yet he wants to give things abit longer to heal and see me in 2 months (for free!!!)then we will decide where to go from there!! I am releaved as I thought he might have said,'sorry I can do no more for you!!'

Kathryn has gone back to Uni and Tori is back from Amsterdam tonight!

Oh and this is just for Vallen, I would take up the challenge to show you where we live, but theres not alot around! Our house is in the group of houses in the middle of this picture!!!!


Kat's Life At University said...

haha that sassy is a devil with her mud throwing!! I've written a new post I think you will find it quite amusing take a look! tehe xxxxx

Allotment Lady said...

Your cats are utterly adorable - my family is allegeric to cats - so none for me.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

You're like putty in their paws! Thanks for the funny story, your cats are cute.

RUTH said...

Sorry to smile at your woes but I couldn't help's the way you tell '
Now I know EXACTLY where you house is!!!!!!...more lol Hope Tori had a great time.

Gill said...

Your ginger cat is so like my Sandy, in looks that is LOL.Your stories are so funny, love reading them :-}

Take care

Vallen said...

I have almost this same picture on my desktop but it has a white horse on the hill in mine. Gosh you make me want to take a return trip but I have finish paying off the first one before I go again. Don't you need a char or a cook or something I could do to get stay in this place for a longer time?
I'm good with cats.

smilnsigh said...

oh my! I'm quite glad that both our kitties were indoor kitties. :-)

And I'm new here and didn't know about you having been in hospital. I do hope all will come along perfectly.


Ex-Shammickite said...

I had a good laugh at those muddy feet!
We had a cat many years ago who lost the use of his tail, consequently it dragged in the mud everywhere he went, and of course, left muddy trails everywhere in the house.
Good luck with the lemon-lime marmalade!

mrsnesbitt said...

What a hoot!
Felt so warmed by the Rayburn though!


Joanna said...

I have got to get some firebricks for my rayburn. The view of your house looks lovely and not dissimialier to ors, I must take a picture one day.

Suzi-k said...

left a loooong comment here the other day, but having huge problems signing in to blogger and it ate it, no time to re-do, so here i am giving it another try today... my suggestion was to glue strips of those very absorbent rubber backed cotton door mats onto all your windowsills where the muddy offender enters, or better still you could start a new decor trend and put lime green fake fur on all the window sills....NOOOOT! LOL