Sunday, February 25, 2007

Goings on in the garden!

Generally chilling out! Hubby has worked over 60+ hours this week so is pretty bushed! It is lovely to have just Kathryn here, its a long time since this has happened. So what have we done??????????? Not alot due to the rain!!
I was as usual up early so ate breakfast alone..

please note the homemade marmalade which is going down extremely quickly!Ex-shammickite has very kindly sent me her lovely lemon & lime marmalade recipe, if this rain keeps up I shall have a go this week!

I then tootled outside to clean the chickens and also planted some herbs for a friend of Kathryns at Uni!

I have started some sage, thyme, chilli and basil for him. I will also pot him up some chives and mint as well.

I think we have now finally decided with Kathryns help where we shall move the chickens too! I have lots of ideas I just can't 'see it' in my mind but Kathryn can, so it is not a huge exercise so I should be able to get that done this week weather permitting.

This is where they will go! Yes I know I had ear marked this sight for another veg patch but where we had planned to put the chickens I have been told just won't work! My neighbour was OK about the apple tree and has infact had a serious go at it from her side so I maybe able to squeeze in a patch under this. The other option is to lose the flower bed (check the link and where the dogwood is, is the bed I'm talking about!)on the right as you go down the garden and change it into another veg patch.

I have some large shrubs that will have to be moved which hubby has said he will help me with next weekend. Then I can get on with rescuing or should I say resurrecting the decimated lawn, and also sorting out where the chickens have been!!! As to the greenhouse, well he has agreed it would probably be cheaper to sell the current one and buy a bigger one than to buy another one and get the electricians in to do the electrics YEE HAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I have to admit this maybe, I stress maybe a little while off, but knowing how much my hubby like the tropical plants I grow it may also be sooner than he thinks, especially if I go out and buy some 'bigger' tropical plants!!!!!!!! You see I still have my birthday garden vouchers!!!! (Naughty or what!!!!!)


Allotment Lady said...

Sounds like a busy and exciting time ahead in the garden.

Bucketting down with rain - cough and cold worse - so i might just prepare lunch and do a bit of arty crafty in my studio instead.

Auntie Noo said...

Sounds like a busy, lovely weekend! - Weather here not so bad, few showers but ok in between, so hope you manage to do what you want without risking pneumonia!

RUTH said...

A bigger greenhouse!...fabulous. Just planted some herb seeds myself.....wish the rain would stop! Marmalade looks lovely.

Gill said...

Your marmalade looks great :-}
Sounds like you are going to be busy once Spring comes

Take care