Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Treat or Trick!!!!

I am fed up with all this rain!!! I know we need it but really, is there no way it could be arranged to rain at night, then at least we could go out to play in the day. Serves me right really I should have played out yesterday!!!

So what do you do on a rainy day??????????????????? Have a treat!!

Go to the Garden Centre to spend the Garden Vouchers you got for your birthday!!!! I do enjoy wandering around looking at all the lovely plants, anyway you may or maynot know that I/We like tropical plants! Having a south facing patio helps although are garden appears to have a micro climate all of its own!! Anyway I found something I quite liked @Cordyline Australlis'

although slightly out of my price range!!!!! So I went and had a word with the staff to check how hardy it is and they said it was very hardy! So what do you do when you can't afford the big one????

Buy a smaller one...... now this one I can afford........ but I did what I normally do when I'm not 100% sure I walked away and went to another garden centre!!! I have been looking on the internet and interestingly they are only hardy once over 4ft!!! They grow 9 -12 inches a year so I wouldn't have to wait too long till it was really big!! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the other garden centre I have been a teeny, weeny bit sneaky, but don't tell hubby!! He raves about the 'Brugmansia' we have and along with the bananas I think is his favourite tropical plant!! Anyway I bought

another one!!! Different colour and it has a double petal. I think he will really like it, the only problem is how big it grows!!!!! How will I fit it in the greenhouse next winter, oh! dear!

so its now potted up! I wonder how we will get round the problem of the small greenhouse and all these lovely tropical plants next winter??? EErrrrrmmmm!!!!!!Do you think this trick will work?????

I still came home with my vouchers! Which is such a pain as it means I will have to go to another Garden Centre some other time, oh phewy!!! ;)

We have a rookery at the end of the road and its interesting to see where abouts in the tree they nest each year

This is their first build, I think its like a practice run becuase for some unknown reason to me they will re-build and then nest!!! They are very low compared to other years, wonder what that means in folk lore???

Also I thought you might be interested to see how the frog spawn is coming along from this to ....

I also can't believe how much there is, this is just a small amount of it!! I will keep you posted!


RUTH said...

I am thoroughly cheesed off by the rain too. Your cordyline looks nice and the Angels Trumpets...heavenly. You can cut them back to overwinter them so don't worry that it will get too big. It's said that in Victorian times the ladies would hold their teacups under the flowers to catch the nectar as it was rather intoxicating!!
The frog spawn is looking well...none here yet!

smilnsigh said...

What beautiful photos you take! That frog spawn looks like pearls. !!!!

When you say 'rookery,' this does not mean a special partitioned off place for birds, does it? It simply means, a bunch of trees in which they love to land and live, yes?

I love the different way people say things.... Whatever the fancy word for this is. :-) Colloquialisms, I think. I love it.

Hmmmmm, didn't you say {in my blog comments} that you miss real letters? Maybe, eventually, we could begin to write some {letters} to each other and I could ask all sorts of questions like... 'What is a rookery?' And you could ask me back, because I'm sure I 'say things,' in blogging, which sound a bit different to you, too. :-)


Gill said...

Send some of your rain this way!
BOY do we need some, the ground is so dry it is cracking!

Looks like you are going to have heaps of frogs.

Take caremttfvm

Naturegirl said...

Loved the activity in your pond a reminder of what will be in mine soon..I hope! In the meantime come over and enjoy the tropical weather with me and a bit of sun!
hugs NG

mrsnesbitt said...

Stopped raining here, wonder how long for?