Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm Blue!

I'm not supposed to be here, I should be up with my Mum this weekend, but I cancelled because of this stupid pain I still have. I have had more blood tests, see the specialist a week on Monday and have a scan in August, so hopefully we will get to the bottom of this soon!

To take my mind of this I took advantage of the lovely day we had yesterday as you can see I really am blue...........

so what naughtyness have I been up to whilst hubby was at work.....

does it look any different, of course it does, it used to look like this. It had to be done as the new patio slabs for here should be with us this week.
I am 'chicken sitting' this week as my neighbours are on holiday, they have very kindly loaned us their old hover mower, so after I had finished the painting I set too and hovered, then I did all the edges.

Guess what
'I've done too much' my back is tottering on the edge!!! It really hacks me off, especially after loosing all this weight. So its going to have to be a 'take it easy day' today!! Not what I had planned!

I am picking a couple of bunches of sweetpeas every week now

can you smell them?? Divine!

and to end the day


RUTH said...

I really hope the Doctor can sort you out life is difficult enough without pain. You have worked hard though; doesn't that blue fencing show the green of the leaves up well. The pond area looks beautiful. As you have an "enforced" day off; sit back a little and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Great sunset btw.

mrsnesbitt said...

What a day libby, so full, so blue.
Thinking of you honeybunch, lots of love,

smilnsigh said...

Oh I hope the doctor can get to the bottom of this pain. -sigh-

And I feel a bit, for you, as I over did my back the other day too. And am now paying for it, with being unable to be in my computer chair,like I want to. -sigh- But duhhh me, for doing it.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

That fence of yours is looking great. You've done a wonderful job, Libby!

I'm picking sweet peas almost everyday now and my house smells divine! I imagine yours does too! ;-)Isn't it just wonderful?

Uh oh, back trouble again! Poor you, I hope the doctor sorts this out quickly and you can go on with your life free of pain.

I know it's a drag to be forced to take it easy for a day or so. But what is the alternative? More pain? I can really relate to this as I suffer from severe back trouble myself and had a back operation 2 years ago. :-(

So take care and don't overdo things, OK?

BTW your Gunnera is looking great against your fence now that it has been painted (the fence not the gunnera). ;-)

Mark said...

It's a good job you didint choose to paint it orange or someother bright colour , then you would be in trouble.

Cheers Mark

talj said...

I do hope you are feeling better soon, it's no fun being 'blue' {{HUGS}}

I was given a Sweetpea by Ruth and it is smelling wonderful at the moment and has so many flowers!!

Your garden does look fabulous, just enjoy the view for a little while and let your back have a rest :o) xx

Felicia said...

The fence looks great and those sweet peas are beautiful :)

Allotment Lady said...

My my you have been busy - even though you are suffering - hope that they can pinpoint the problem and fix it for you.

I have been on holiday for 5 days and just got back - hence my not commenting on here.

I did wave today, and was thinking of you when we passed through Wiltshire on the A303 and saw the signposts for your neck of the woods.

I felt the 'tug' to visit - but we had a long journey and needed to get home in time for OH to go out this evening.


Vallen said...

Oh, I can smell the sweet peas and they are lovely. Now sit down for awhile and take it easy right there next to them. The fence is beautiful and you need a break.

A wildlife gardener said...

Beautiful blue fence, Libby...perfect foil for the planting.

Great colours of the sweet peas...I always think they go well in the bathroom :)

Soory to hear about your sore back. I can truly empathise. I am on diazepam for three damaged discs at the curve of my lower back...degenerative disc's 'gardener's back', as far as I'm concerned, after a lifetime of bending up and down doing my various gardens. I do a little at a time now :)

~ Janice ~ said...

You have been a busy bee! The fence looks wonderful!! Yes, I can almost smell the sweetpeas, they are lovely. I do hope you get back on track to good health soon! I'm thinking of you!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Well. I've heard of having "green fingers" in the garden, but you have blue ones!
Hope the back is better soon, I've done it to myself too in the past, and a couple of days of rest usually sorts it out. Perhaps we weren't really meant to walk upright?

snappy said...

Love the before and after pictures of that corner.Is the pond still there?I like the tropical look and banana leaf.I was reading BBC Gardeners world magazine with Joe Swift.He loves exotic Grasses, Banana leafs,and Bamboos.Thanks for your comment :)