Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you for letting me rant in my last post, I am still simmering, but thats a mother for you, defending her young till the last, never mind the bad back etc etc!!

(I love taking these pics of the fronds all curled up on my tree fern)

Tori is being wonderful about it, she just says 'its his loss' me I'd have punched him on the nose!!!!

(The pineapple flower seems to get longer nad longer as the little flowers open)

We where one of a small group invited to the retirement do of her old deputy head at primary school last night, we had a blast! It was so much fun watching teachers faces when they saw her, listening to her talking to them about her future plans. The compliments she got was amazing. probably did her the power of good!

(Nicotiana sylvestris)

I cleaned the lounge carpet this morning, with 'No Wet Wonder Foam' brilliant stuff. Living in a terraced cottage my lounge is my hall so gets rather grubby. Having a beige coloured carpet was probably not the best choice but it is a 'Gladiator' carpet and takes a good scrubbing. So we had quite a work out as a bit of elbow work is needed but at least you don't have to wait days for it to dry out!

Once that was done we moved through to the kitchen, where we took all the blue & white plates off the wall and gave them and the wall a good scrub!

(My brand new beautiful hydrangea, I think I may go back and buy a white one too)

Why am I being so industrious in the house bearing in mind how much I hate housework, well two reasons, 1 I want to do some painting, 2 we are having a meeting here next week, to do with the floodlights! I can't let people think we live in a pig sty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(look at the size of the banana leaf)

Right well I'm totally pooped, so off I toddle to my bed, nite, nite


talj said...

GO Tori!! I'd have punched him too though Libby! :o)

Lovely photos and that is one big leaf! :o) Sounds like you have had a good clean...I'm leaving my flat in the hope that the cleaning fairies will pop round when I'm away ;o)

Just make sure you take care of you :o) {{HUGS}} xx

RUTH said...

Bet that Nicotiana sylvestris smells good. Bit worried about you scrubbing that carpet with a bad back but know I'd probbly do the same if I had people coming round. Hope the meeting goes well :o)
Pleased that Tori has taken things so well...good for her...don't let the bu**ers get you down!
btw.....a good rant does you good and we are always here to listen

snappy said...

I love the Hydrangea.Blogs are good places to Rant if it makes you feel better.There is an American blog called Garden Rant.
The Tree Fern Frond is lovely, nice colours and the form is perfect.

A wildlife gardener said...

Beautiful flowers, Libby. Loved the fern unfurling and the nicotiana...but that banana leaf is sooo amazing!

Keep working away with all the scrubbing and cleaning...and the anger will dissipate :)

Ex-Shammickite said...

I think the bad back is all part of the floodlights issue, and now the prom transport issue. Good luck with the meeting, when everything is settled and the prom is over, the bad back will miraculously heal itself! So don't make it worse by scrubbing carpets.
Your Garden looks fabulous.