Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I am Furious!!!!!!

I am mad!
As you may or maynot know it is Tori's 'prom' on Friday. We have found a car/jeep for her to travel in. Her best friend since year 7 a lad named J was going with her. Now J's mother is a very 'strong' woman and is I believe also very lonely, when you get talking to her she just doesn't stop. She had complained about the cost of 'prom' cars so hubby and I had decided that we would pay for one anyway, but as we did at Kathryns prom, the car woud leave from our house, all parents welcome, dresses could be put on here, photographs galore could be taken etc etc etc.
Round here the novelty seems to be to arrive in what ever mode of transport you fancy, tractors, pedal cars, penny farthings, you get the drift.
Whilst they where still at school, J told Tori that his mum wanted the car to go from there house, I am sorry but if I am paying for it, and also Tori is the only girl in the party, then the car will go from our house, this was passed on.
Last night J's mother told Tori the boys would be going in an 'RAC' van (her neighbour) which means my lovely girl will be going alone and has been let down again. J's mother is a witch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't believe I will ever be able to forgive her, she knows what Tori has been through this last year and this is the icing on the cake.

Anyone have a spare handsome lad we could borrow to escort my beautiful daughter to the prom, they don't have to go in with her, just be totally attentive when dropping her off!!!!!


mrsnesbitt said...

What a ***! Absolutel ****

Allotment Lady said...

How awful and insensitive can some people be.

Your princess shall go to the ball and a handsome prince will surely take her.

I can imagine how dreadful you feel.

Positive thinking - and I truly hope that someone if not many will travel with her.

Lucky-1 said...

That really suxs big time:( God just imagine when she's someone's mother-in-law.

Hugs to your daughter:)

A wildlife gardener said...

This is your chance to be the bigger person here, Libby. Always be gracious to your enemies. It teaches then two things...first, that life's too short to hold a grudge, and secondly, that you won't stoop to their level of nastiness. Tori will be the belle of the ball anyway :) Hold your head up high, Tori, and beats being mean and nasty any day. Show them how to behave graciously, like the young lady you are. Be strong. I'll be the little invisible angel on your shoulder. Love conquers all :)

RUTH said...

What a selfish woman...even if you weren't paying for the car should go from the young lady's house. Wish I could donate a handsome young fellow; but they are pretty scarce here...LOL Really hope it doesn't spoil Tori's enjoyment of her special day.

PG said...

I really, really hope she has a marvellous time, the best revenge she can have is by looking gorgeous and acting graciously, as Wildlife Gardener says - but I can understand absolutely your steaming fury.

talj said...

What a cruel woman! I hope that Tori gets the escort she deserves and that this stupid womans actions don't ruin the evening for your daughter. {{{HUGS}}} to you both xx

Ex-Shammickite said...

I agree with everything that has been said here, expecially Wildlife gardener.... hold your head high, forgive and forget.... be gracious... be strong.... don't hold a grudge... but meanwhile firebomb her front porch!!