Friday, July 13, 2007

Warmed up!

Its amazing what a few days of warmth can do to a garden. No its not been cracking the flags but it has been a steady even temp with no rain or horrendous wind for a few while.

Just look at the improvement to the 'Surfinas' out the front!

At long last the Alocasia 'Burgundy Stem' looks like it 'wants' to grow which I am really thrilled about.......

can you see the start of the new leaf?

I also have Colocasia 'Black Magic' which has also struggled over the last month or so

but is definately alot happier now!!!

My BIG Elephants ears has had to be moved as it was getting 'squished' up against the coal bunker

I have 3 very big leaves now!!!!!

The Alocasia which we belive is a 'Portadora' has also sprouted a new leaf, this doesn't like being as wet as the Colocasia's but I'm still not convinced I have it growing in the right situation.

The flowers on the Eucomis bicolor Pineapple Flower which by the way is supposed to be one of the 'least' attractive of the species. (I disagree!!!!!!) Has just begun to open the little flowerlet thingys!!!!!

I must apologise for the amount of pics I take of my Brugmansia! I just love it, as you walk past you are hit by a wall of scent which makes you stop dead,

then you look closer and see the magnificent bell shaped flower

closer still and look tiny little hairs cover the flower, I wonder why?


Lucky-1 said...

Well what stunning flowers you have shown us today:) Aren't they just magnificent!

talj said...

What wonderful photos!

I was just looking at your new header and wondering what sort of Allium you have? I would really like to grow some for next year and would appreciate your advice on what 'type' to go for! :o)

RUTH said...

Never apologise about Brugmansia photos; how are all those new additions going. I love the Colocasia 'Black Magic'...I want one of those! I wonder how early I can buy myself a Christmas Present...LOL
Happy Gardening

farmingfriends said...

Your pineapple flower is amazing and I love the brugmansia too.
Sara from farmingfriends

Dawn said...

Wow! I'm with you on the Eucomis bicolor Pineapple Flower. It's beautiful! And I wish these blogs had 'smell-o-vision' so I could experience the fragrance of your gorgeous Brugmansia. You have some dramatic flowers in your garden.

A wildlife gardener said...

What a marvellous jungle you have! These plants are sooo exotic. I am fascinated by all you grow.

Mark said...

Hi Libby,
Your jungle is doing really well, that bit of sun seems to have made the difference.How are the chickens doing? And remember if you get fed up of them you can always get on the cutting edge of recycling by using guinea pigs...Lol

Cheers Mark