Monday, July 09, 2007

Tagged Again!

Another '8 Random Facts about me' Ruth has tagged me from one of her blogs 'A Bee's Eye View'

This is the current view out of my patio doors, I have to clear the greenhouse pieces before the 8th August when the coal will be delivered!!!!!!!

1. I am scared of heights, I can stand on a ladder in the house, but don't do ladders outside although I have been on the 'London Eye' and the cable car up 'Table Mountain'! I just didn't look down, I looked out.

From the arch looking through the veg patch, which is not doing well,the onions and potatoes are doing fine and I have had plenty of lettuce, but no beetroot or spring onions. I have lost all but 1 plant of butternut squash. The french beans are not doing well either. Not sure where I have gone wrong or whether it is the weather!!!!

2. If ever I come for a visit please don't offer me anything with swede or turnip in, I can't stand them!!!!!!!!!

The chickens home, they are definately better here and currently we are getting 3 eggs a day.

3, My sister is my bestest friend and I love her to pieces.

I managed to mow the lawn yesterday but did not do a great job. Our motor mower packed up a while back and we got a push one, which to be honest is great, provided you keep the lawn short, let it get long and it can't cope!!!!

4. I was sewing clothes for myself by the age of 13.

The brugmansia has been kept in the shelter of my 'BayTree/Bush' seems to be surviving the awful winds we have been having!

5. I had some really awful boyfriends, and I mean really horrible. When I think back I shudder to think what I put up with. But it turned out alright in the end and we will have been married 20 years this August!!!

This globe thistle is at the bottom of the garden, my plants down here are really struggling with the shade from the 3 silver birch trees. I get no sun here at all until gone 12 o'clock. So most of my plants are now leaning for the light dreadfully. I may have to lose the flower beds and do something else down here!!!

6. I take a size 9 shoe and have done since I was 13. I was photographed and a piece written about my feet and the trouble I had buying shoes,in the Daily Express in 1978ish.

This is the windowbox (at the front of my cottage) my Dad had made on board ship, its teak! It must be 40+ years old by now I love it. I planted surfinas in here this year and they are not happy usually they are overflowing everywhere, its just not been warm enough for them! When I took this pic, I noticed you could see your own breath, when you breathed out!! Now is that the type of weather we should be having in July!!!!

7. I love the Simon & Garfunkle Album, 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'.

Some of my marbled nasturtiums.

8. I have more friends in 'Blog Land' than I do in real life!!!

If you wish to have a go at the 8 random facts about you then please do!!!


Maggie said...

Your garden is looking fantastic! Why not do away with the lawn altogether and grow meadow flowers and grasses? You'd only have to cut it twice a year then. You could even make hay! Not that the sun is going to shine for very long any time soon if the past few weeks are anything to go by. ;-) We do have some sun here just now, should get out while I have the chance.

Best wishes from Liverpool

RUTH said...

The garden looks lovely Libby. Wish I could jump through the screen and take a walk round it with you. The way you interspersed all your random facts was really clever. How I agree with #8; I can count my nonblog friends on one finger...thank goodness for blogfriends. I have this dream of meeting some of them like yourself in person one day....just think of all that garden chat we'd have!

Felicia said...

Your cottage garden is delightful! Thank you so much for this view into it :)

Vallen said...

Is size nine a big size in England? Here it is pretty normal. Are we on the same shoe size scale? Probably not.
No it should not be that cold in July but my that window box is a treasure!!

Allotment Lady said...

Wonderful photos, and it is the cold wet weather affecting your veggies - not your gardening skills.

More great facts.

Dawn said...

What a beautifully lush garden! And I love the way you wove your 8 Random Things within your garden entries. That's very clever!

Congrats on almost 20 years. Our 25th will be in August as well. Time flies.

Love your globe thistle. I've never tried to grow them, but their beauty always intrigues me. Perhaps I should give them a try next year.


Naturegirl said...

How nice is that to be able to get fresh eggs from your own free range chickens! Lovely photos of your garden! hugs NG

Auntie Noo said...

Your garden is looking lovely, Libby. I love Bridge Over Troubled Water too, but my all time favourite is the Bookends Album - we used to listen to it as children, and I still love it now I'm a *ahem* grown up!!!