Thursday, March 29, 2007

Housework Procrastination!!!!!

Just so you all know I don't live in a total pigsty!! I had promised myself that on the good days this week I would 'play' in the garden! I state 'play' because to me its not a chore its fun!!! Then when it rained I would do the 'chores' housework!! So its raining and so far I have tidied and hoovered the lounge and hoovered the stairs, now I'm on here!!!!!!! Dreadful aren't I!!!!!
I did the bathroom yesterday! I'm sure if I didn't live in a house full of 'clutterbucks' I would do more and be more houseproud!
I live in a terraced cottage which basically has 2 large rooms downstairs, a lounge which is split in 2, the TV end with multi fuel stove, TV, sofa etc and then an officy bit with filing cabinet, computer etc! Then the kitchen diner! This is the only part of the house, visitors see and its kept in such a way that if I have visitors, (becuase I live so far out in the sticks they have to phone first to see if I'm in)it will be spotless and sparkling in under 30 minutes!!! For those friends that just drop by, they are prepared to accept me as they find me. Clever huh!!

Right off to do a bit more!

Back now!!!!!!!! Actually 2 hours has passed since that last sentence and I have finished the kitchen diner, even washed the floor!!! 2 hours is along time to clean a kitchen??????? Your right I havent' been a full 2 hours tidying I've been down the greenhouse potting on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopeless case!! Well lets be honest you can't write a blog about housework can you??? But I bet someone has!!!
My lounge...

That red on the walls looks awful in the photo, but its really nice in real life, this is a north facing room and I have most of it painted cream which makes it light but quite cold, I love colour and we needed some warmth added so I decided to add some red! Looks really good at Christmas!!!!!!!
This is my pride and joy ....

When we moved in we had a small wooden fire surround and a very small fire with a back boiler and it was all plastered. All the other cottages had this wonderful fireplace so one day hubby went off to work and when he came back the fire surround had gone and I had chisled a line of plaster off from the bottom left corner up to the arch to see if it was still there! It was and it took us over 6 weeks to get the rest of the plaster off as it had been 'uni-bonded' on. Towards the end hubby was chucking neat acid at it!!! Anyway I think you will all agree it was well worth the hard work!!

Now I am stood in the doorway with my back to the lounge

and the stairs

thats Tori's room at the top of the stairs and this is as far as the tour goes!!!LOL!!!!!! I haven't 'done' upstairs!!!!!!

Now the 2 Red Caster Oil plants have really taken off

look at the roots

so of course they had to be done there and then

I am leaving one in the greenhouse and bringing one back into the house! The begonia's have started sprouting already

have to ask Ruth what I do next? Sweetpeas all over the place...

plus thers another tray, some of these are for my friend S, up the road.

The Baby Brugmansia is looking very poorly and to be honest I don't hold out much hope as the whole of the stem is soft!!

the big one on the other hand has really started going and I haven't repotted it yet! This is taken looking up the main stem

how the heck it will stay in the greenhouse until May I really have no idea? Then we have a couple of trays of tomatoes, chillies and peppers

The succulent in the greenhouse is really starting as well. having been green most of the winter it is starting to blush now...

Maybe thats what succulent do because I bought this plant at Ikea back in January and look at it now, it blushes too!!!


RUTH said...

You have the same idea as me; play while the sun shines and housework when it rains! I must say your house is beautiful!!! and looks far tidier than mine! Let your begonias grow on a bit and then put them into whatever container you fancy (frost free of course)worth adding watering gel and feed pellets if you have them. Still waiting for my castor oil :-( Hope the little Angels trumpet makes it...try cutting down to healthy green stem if you can bear too! Like you Jade plant (frienship plant so many different names) mine actually flowered this year!!
Well better get on with some more housework....maybe...LOL

mrsnesbitt said...

Thank you so much for the tour Libby, I can picture you now when chatting on the telephone. Love your blue and white china in the kitchen!

Really see your hard work in the garden too.
Well Done that woman!


Vallen said...

Thanks for the tour, I too, can now picture where you are when I read your posts. Your home is so comfortable and warm looking.

Ex-Shammickite said...

I really like your red walls, nice and bright and cosy and warm. My son painted his dining room red, it just glows and is so welcoming!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Libby, after all that hard work you're allowed to treat yourself to something nice like repotting seedlings and stuff like that. BTW you live in a beautiful countryside with wide views all around. Handy for spotting uninvited visitors just in the nick of time to do some emergency cleaning. :-)

Allotment Lady said...

Oh very posh - what a stunning cottage - like a tardis - it is huge inside.

Me, I live in a little bungalow which we can clean from top to bottom (well side to side and there are not stairs) in less than two hours.

And you know me - I am out when it is dry, and arty craftying, cooking, etc if it is wet!

Having my studio means that there is no clutter indoors - well nothing that can't be shoved in a drawer in haste!

We spend our time in the conservatory where we eat - so the lounge stays clean and tidy - and any unexpected visitors I consider come to see us - not to run their fingers along the dado rails to see if there is dust!

Glad you had such a great day.

Have an equally good weekend.

Gill said...

Awwwwww Libby, your house looks sooooooooo cute, the succulents will be great outside, even if you have a hot Summer as they dont need much water.

A lot of people here in Australia are planting them now because of the water restrictins.

Take care

Sheila said...

Libby your home is lovely. So cosy, and welcoming...and clean..!
I love it.
I always enjoy seeing where my blog pals live, 'cause I'm such a nosy 'B'...LOL
I'd say your home, combined with what I have seen of your garden is a credit to you.

Oh...and I love the fireplace..


Gumbrellsworld said...

blimey thats tidy!!!!!!