Monday, March 26, 2007

What been going on this weekend!!

Very busy day in the garden yesterday. I really must get on as I hope my sister is coming to visit over Easter, so it must be ready for inspection!!lol!!!

Bed one, all the beds had been previously dug over so needed a quick go over again and raking. Here I have put my garlic which has been in pots, around the outside as this is where I want to put carrots and parsnips!

Bed 2. Onions, I wonder if I have put these in to early??? They have been in the greenhouse for ages, as you know, and I have put them outside each day, but I am desperate for space in the greenhouse now, so they have 2 chances!!! I am putting a fleece cloche over them for awhile. If they totally die, I shall pop to Wilkinsons and buy another 'set' because last year these wheren't planted till later!!!

I will tackle bed 3 & 4 today, dig & rake. I still haven't totally decided what to put in them!! I fancy having a go at a 'three sisters bed' sweetcorn, beans and squash! As Carol talked about on Gardeners World on Friday!! I also intend to keep some outdoor tomatoes as well. Still to decide where to go Victorian Climbing Peas, climbing french beans , sweetcorn, gem squash, butternut squash, salads, spring onions, beetroot, potatoes (probably in bags)and Chinese artichokes! I have blackcurrant bushes to go in and a blackberry, strawberries and raspberries already in!

I am not normally a fan of begonias, but Ruth got me thinking so I kept my eye open and spotted these which I quite liked...

I have started them off in the greenhouse!

This corner which is southwest facing is lacking something. Apart from the fact its full of winter rubbishy stuff!!

Anyway Ruth's blog got me going again, (she is going to have a lot to answer for) then on Gardeners World on Friday, Jo planted one up, so on Saturday hubby and I went to good old Wilkinsons and found this

an ideal choice, I think you will agree!!!

After all my hard work in the Garden I was in for a treat, I had bought Tori a recipe book for teenagers, earlier in the week, as I am concerened about her looking after herself if/when she goes to Uni! Anyway after much enthusiastic discussion it has been decided that she will cook all the Saturday evening meals. Take a look at her first go

Chilli Con Carne!! It was lovely! I was really surprised that she would even eat it??

But she did and her response was 'its a bit bland'!!! As she followed the recipe to the book, I think I will get her to repeat the recipe next Saturday and show her how she can improve it, this could be difficult as she likes to do things by the book! So to speak! But we will see!!

Back Later!!


RUTH said...

I don't mind being blamed for "hooking" a fellow gardener. Good choice of Begonia and the Camellia is stunning! All those veg and fruit you'll be going I'll be begging for food parcels! Great to see Tori's cooking efforts...sounds a handy book to have. Right I'm off to catch a couple more rays

mrsnesbitt said...

Wow! Am hungry here!
Inspired me too, I am not feeling too good, the dreaded cystitis so am being quiet (for a change) whils I wait for the tablets to kick in, then I am going to the shop.....will post pics on my garden blog later!

Ex-Shammickite said...

It's a bit rainy here in S Ontario, and the snow is finally almost gone, so I'll soon be posting garden pics. Poor Tango, I'm sure he felt himself again after his bath.
Mmmmm that chili looks yummy! Perhaps a bit more chili powder and garlic next time...?

Vallen said...

You are a never-ending wonder to me Libby, with all you get accomplished. We are jumping up and down (well my mom's not exactly jumping but her spirit is) becasue we have pots full of parsley, dill, and chives sprouting up. And just look at you.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

You've done a lot of work on the beds Libby. What fun that you are going for a 3 sisters bed too. I'm starting one too. Carol Klein has a lot to answer for. ;-)

Those camellias look stunning!

Allotment Lady said...

Great work libby it is looking stunning.

I too had decided long ago to do the three sisters - I have done it before and it worked.

Are you going to use the Cherokee trail of tears beans - they worked well for me

I didn't see Gardeners World on Friday sadly!

I think that Tori with thrive at Uni and when the youngsters cook things themselves they always eat it don't you find?

Well I am off to bed - like you I have had an exhausting day and my first chance to sit down tonight - and I have spent the whole night typing up my blog - its the photos that take ages isn't it.

btw - I don't have your phone number so can't call you xx
If you would like me to - could you pop it in an email to me please?

Gill said...

WOW you have been busy, the garden looks GREAt. I love your choice of begonia and camilia, I hope they both grow well for you :-}

Take care

maggiegracecreates said...

Good morning Libby.

THe Gardening looks great. I have not only a brown thumb, but a whole brown had. (my mom even waters my houseplants and my boss takes care of the ones at work.)

I cannot wait to see what you have for us over at CIP. I will be posting Friday/Monday our March progress projects. This time of the Month excites me - getting to see what all you wonderful ladies have to share.