Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Chosen One!

Thought I would do an early post to put you all out of your misery......

This was the last dress she tried on, and was absolutely stunning, in fact the photo does it even more justice! Black as you know is her favourite colour, but she has milky white skin which was a fantastic contrast but something was not right. (Sorry Kathryn) It made her look too old!

Fantastic colour, but the bodice was awful and it was too shimmery for Tori!

So all those who chose 'Woman in Red' where right!

This was the first dress she tried on and she wasn't sure until she had tried all the others on, but she came back to it, with no assistance from me!

The lady was trying to sell us some shoes and tiara to go with it, but T wasn't having any of that! I know exactly what she will wear under her dress so does my sister.....

this was at my sisters wedding! (Not the best photo of her) The boots she has already, she just wants me to find some red stripy socks and she already has some long black gloves!

I think thats what I love about Tori her individuality, uniqueness, that alot of young girls don't have nowadays, they all go round wearing casual clothes that look more like a school uniform, than a uniform does. So we get the prom dress (expected) but T adds a twist (unexpected) and that makes her stand out from the crowd!! Love it!!
I am away for a few days visiting my mum, so should be back April 4th! For any burglers reading this blog, the house won't be empty as my husband isn't coming with us!!!! lol!!!!!!


Allotment Lady said...

I am glad she got the red one - and I love her sense of fashion and uniqueness - that shows real talent.

Glad hubby is staying at home - someone has to look after the 'farm' and 'tropical nursery' have really lovely time

Talk to you when you get back.

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to post before you go.

Must appreciated xxx

RUTH said...

Good for Tori...great choice and good that she still lets her own individuality shine through!! Have a good weekend

talj said...

A great choice and I love the individuality streak! Have a good visit with your Mum and look forward to reading more from you on your return {{HUGS}} xx

Ex-Shammickite said...

I knew it! Black is so sophisticated, but red is far more FUN for a prom dress! Good choice Tori.

Gill said...

The red dres is gorgious ! :-}

Good for Tori, doing "her own thing" why follow the crowd!!!!!

Hope you had a good visit with your mum

Take care

Allotment Lady said...

Hurry home Libby - missing you