Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Trying to be Good!!

I am trying very hard to be good!!! I have back problems and after 2 very busy days in the garden it is tottering on the brink!!! So I promised hubby I would be good!!!! It is such a beautiful day and after a stroll around the I think what can I do????? When the phone rang, my friend up the road needed some help..... so into my small 'maroon charger' I got and dashed up the road!!!
Any way having sorted the problem for her I went with her on the dog walk!! Here she is with her dog...

we went down the field past her horse Poe,

her shetland sheep...

right to the top of the hill and this was the view this morning..

her dog enjoying herself

The bungalow next to my freinds is up for sale, it was owned by an elderley gentleman who had a carer living in..

this is the back of it and the view from here is...

and the front..

with this view

if you squint hard you could just about see my cottage!!!! They are looking for offers in excess of £260,000!!!!!!!!!! So if I win the lottery tonight I would make an offer because the potential for this place is amazing!!

Back round to my friends and her little pony

Then after coffee home and a quick pic of my pip challenge plants

Dates above Ginger below!!

So far I have been very good!!!


Vallen said...

Yes, you have indeed been very good and very good to us, too. Thanks for the tour. I ove your world.

RUTH said...

A gentle walk is just the ticket. If I win the lottery can I buy that bungalow PLEASE!!!!! Your pip challenge plants are doing so well!

Sheila said...

When my back is playing up, a gentle stroll (if I can manage it) is usually very theraputic. I hope you feel better tomorrow.
You have the most lovely countryside around you Libby. Just beautiful.

Allotment Lady said...

Wow what a lovely walk - and your friend sure keeps busy - and I would love that bungalow too!

Lottery wins due soon we all hope

Lucky-1 said...

Wow I loved the view in those photos, so different to what I grew up with as a kid.

Salt bush, red dirt and kangaroos. :)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Yes you have, very good indeed. ;-)Consider youself patted on the back (softly though, wouldn't want to do any damage).