Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Continuing the re designing of my garden!!

The picture on todays 'photo a Day' blog shows you that Tango is feeling much better, although we have had to make a trip to the vets and pay another bill!!!!!! This means that he has taken over from Chimarni. We have had alot of trouble from this particular feral cat, and it has cost us hundreds of pounds in vets bills. Although we managed to trap him 2 - 3 years ago and get him neutered, it supposedly stops them being as aggressive (yea! right!!)
I have now phoned the Cats Protection League at least 4 times requesting them to get the lady from the feral dept, to contact me. Has she, has she my big toe!!!!! So I will phone daily this week and then if I get no joy I will have no option but to contact the RSPCA. The difference between the 2 is the Cats Protection League will find the feral cat a new home on a farm quite a distance away, the RSPCA put them down!!!! The bigger problem is I think we may have a new un-neutered feral on the block, I can smell 'tom' round the shed!!!

Yesterday I dug over

these two beds, so they now look like this...

Remember this untidy corner

well I have repotted a few plants and potted up the Camillia and the corner looks like this

I still have to jet wash the patio but there is still plants to move, dig out and replant before I consider jet washing!!!

The chickens where enjoying themselves in the sunshine

and in answer to the question ' will I let them Free Range'? The answer is sort of but not really! Don't get me wrong I love them to pieces, they give me hours of endless amusement and the most beautiful eggs, but I had no idea how destructive they would be, so I let them do this

as you can see I have opened up the chicken fencing which stops them digging up the flower and veg beds. The compost bin is being moved so they will have some more space!

I decided to tackle the area round the shed today, so it started of looking like this...

and after 4 1/2 hours of work it ended up looking like this....

So everything used today was already in the garden. My hobbit (white statue) had been hidden away behind a big bush so I thought I would bring him out and I think he helps draw the eye down the garden!!! I probably need some sort of climber behind him, so will have to see what offers are available! The ferns planted around his feet are my 99p bargains I got last year with the beautiful blue pots!!

I moved the compost bin and now I've looked at the pictures I realise I've moved the wrong bin!!!!! It needed to be moved but it was going to be swapped for the bigger one up the garden!!!! Silly me.

The frame at the end has a cover and I use it for extra tomato plants, I put the cover away in the winter. Here I need more slabs and a water butt. I will see if I can pick some up on Freecycle.

Looking at it now it doesn't look like there was 4 1/2 hrs work there!!!

My back is now very dodgy, so don't tell hubby!!!!! So I shall get out my knitting and sit and watch a dvd!!! and try and be good, until tomorrow! Maybe!!!


RUTH said...

What do you mean "doesn't look like 4 and half hours work"....you've done LOADS!!! Have a good rest now, weather looks good for tomorrow too! Hope you get an answer from the cat people.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

You did a lot of hard work today Libby. That corner with all the blue pots looks lovely!!!!! And that area around the shed has been vastly improved. Well done, you!

Loved the chooks, they look so relaxed and happy!


Weeping Sore said...

Love the before and after pictures! Isn't spring cleaning outside MUCH more fun than inside?

Allotment Lady said...

Your garden is wonderful and like a Tardis - it goes on forever - and so beautiful.

Like you, I have been overdoing it whilst the sun shines - with bad weather forecast from tomorrow onwards we have to grab every spare minute don't we

Thing is - with your garden it is so noticeable - with my allotment it isn't - its just another bed to put things in!

Gill said...

Well done!!!!! :-}
What sort of netting are you using for the chooks?

Take care

Lucky-1 said...

Wow you have a good size backyard. Lots of great photos of your garden and love your chooks.

I'd love to put a link to your Blog on mine I you don't mind.

Here is mine for you to have a look at.

I'm in Australia.