Wednesday, April 04, 2007

'Honey I'm Home'!!!

Phew! What a lot has gone on, we actually left Saturday evening, picking Kathryn up on the way. When we arrived Kathryn, hid and then gave my mum such a surprise as she had no idea she was coming! Sunday we spent with mum and my middle niece, Amy who came round with her boyfriend Mark! It was a beautiful day and it was spent out in the garden!

Monday I met for the first time my Great Niece,Madison,

here she is with her mum.

with the girls

and me! She is totally adorable, chatters away and her head is permanently on a swivel! We spent a lovely day at the seaside,

this is looking out over the marine lake at West Kirby, out towards 'Hilbre Island'. I used to walk from my house down here practically every day with our dog! It was like coming home, the thing that got me where the amount of houses up 'For Sale' along the prom! Tempting!!!!

I used to sail on this lake, when it was alot smaller, they have since expanded it and it is now huge, I would imagine it would be really fun to sail there now! Having had a long walk and a picnic, which was lovely. We then drove past where I was brought up

It now has new UPVC windows, but ironically the original wooden garage doors are just about hanging on, the tarmac path is all crumbled but yep! original to my family! Those rosebushes where put in by my mum, the big one under the window is a Queen Elizabeth Rose and used to have the most beautiful perfume, that wafted in my bedroom window at night (window top left). Also all the bushes and tree where also planted by us! Sad really, it was such a lovely place, I lived there from when I was born till I left home when I was 17!

We had a really glorious day, but boy where we wacked!

On Tuesday we spent the day out with mum! Again we had another lovely day, but it ended on a sour note as the school had phoned and left a message at home saying Tori had not done some of her Drama course work!! Poor girl got really, really stressed out because she believed she had handed it all in, so that wrecked the break I was trying to give her!!

So we left really early and made it to Worcester Uni to pick up some more of K's stuff and wait out the rush hour. K then drove from Worcester but as we where climbing a steep hill, smoke started pooring out from behind the steering wheel she managed to pull in and yes as unfortunately often happens to the girls and I, we came back home on the back of the 'Breakdown Wagon'!

So we are home, worn out, stressed out and soon to be 'out of pocket'! But hey ho, it was lovely to see everyone again!


RUTH said...

Such a shame that the trip was spoilt...really think we should have seen photos of you all on the Breakdown Wagon. Hope Tori manages to sort out her course work and that your car is soon back in working order. Love those views of the sea; being an ex-Ramsgate girl I love the sea. Thanks for sharing your trip and your memories.

talj said...

I know someone who works at West Kirby Library and used to walk around the marine lake whilst talking to me on the phone! It was great as it felt like I was getting out! Love your photos :o) Good to see you and glad you had a nice time but sorry about the breakdown truck :o( {{{HUGS}}} xx

mrsnesbitt said...

Welcome Home Libby, it has been quiet without you but so glad you had a good time!


Allotment Lady said...

Missed you Libby - Quiet? Quiet? LOL.

Wonderful photos - and my goodness - you are looking great and so slim - you face looks really different.

What a posh house you lived in - and Queen Elizabeth Roses - hmmmm pink and pretty

Flip the phone

Must dash

Welocome home

Gill said...

Great to see you back :-}

Hope Tori is feeling less stressed now.

Take care

Allotment Lady said...

Hope things are calmer today - it horrid when things go wrong at once.

Just popped in to say 'hello'
back out in the glorious sunshine - making the most of it! As I am sure you are.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Welcome back Libby from your trip down memory lane. Glad to see that lots of fun was had by all. That great niece of yours: cute!!!!!!!

Also nice to be able to put a face to your name now.

What a pity your car broke down on the way back. I hope your car get fixed soon and that Tori is feeling better now, not so stressed out.

CG said...

I am Talj's friend who walks round the Marine Lake talking to her on the phone! I work at West Kirby Library and the walk is just the right lengh to do on my lunch break.

Crazy Working Mom said...

I'm here for the Easter egg hunt and just wanted to say hi!

Great photos. :)

Cute baby.