Friday, April 06, 2007

No Rest for the Wicked!!

I have taken the advantage of having Kathryn home from Uni especially as she currently has no car to 'escape' in!!!!

So the sun was out, I was togged up for the garden and out she comes, wearing not alot but suncream!!!!! No I didn't get a photo!!! Anyway we set too and she is helping me prepare for my sisters visit on Saturday!! So out came all the wooden garden furniture from the shed, which she painted with linseed oil. Then the patio was tidied and brushed. Meantime I was sat back in a chair drinking gin & tonic!!! I lie!!!! I finished off the fence at the bottom, and planted the 2 clematis, tidied up the clutter that had accumulated around the so called lawn. Now the furniture was out of the shed I could actually get in it so gave it a quick tidy up.

Then yesterday evening we had our first bar-b-que of the year, which I must say was very scrummy!!

When you type it out it doesn't seem much but it took us all afternoon to do!!!!

Today I have to go shopping for food, then back out in the garden, but this time I will have 2 helpers, ha, ha! So hopefully should get the path finished!! I promise to take pics too!


mrsnesbitt said...

We are approaching BBQ season.
Hubby talked about doing one last night..........but I had a frozen pre-cooked meal all ready! LOL! Took away the spontaneous moment, so I will get some BBQ stuff ready for the next sunny day!

Allotment Lady said...

Fantastic Libby - I can picture the scene as you described it so vividly.

Isn't it wonderful to feel a warm sun on your face -or body in K's case! And a bbq - now summer is really here.

They say it will be warmer here than on the continent. Those poor people queuing up at airports going all that way for rain over there.

I also know what you mean about a little bit of typing which can not begin to convey all the hard work you/we put into things.

It is hard to describe everything - especially where clearing out sheds, oiling furniture - shifting things are concerned.

I have the same trouble - and I too am sometimes so very busy working so hard that I just do not have the time take photos - and when I am finished I am so tired that I can't - I expect that is how you felt.

I will pop back tomorrow to see the photos.

I probably will not have time to leave comments on posts as I have a home full all over the weekend - sleeping over too.

But rest assured I will be reading your blog, looking at your daily photo and skies.

Have a great family Easter.


Ex-Shammickite said...

After all that hard work in the garden, you deserve a gin and tonic, but this time make it a REAL one, not an imaginary one! Happy Easter to you and your family!

talj said...

What a lovely day! One of things I miss about having a garden is a good summer BBQ!! Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend and enjoy this fabulous weather! :o)