Friday, April 06, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Sorry I haven't got round to visiting all your blogs, I will play catch up next week! I was up early as I had to go on a shopping trip and as I had done too much yesterday in the garden, my back was 'iffy!' assistance was required! Both hubby & K came with me! Got that done relatively quickly!

I checked my e-mails when I got back to see if we had heard from the drama teacher. We had with a very nice e-mail, she apologised for upsetting T, but said she was trying to help each child get the best grade possible, anyway what we e-mailed her was fine and of a very high standard, so at least T only has Art and DT to do over the holidays!

Hubby & K went out into the garden to lay the path for me, I pootled around inside getting very frustrated that I was unable to help. Once I had finished all the bits I wanted to do, I went outside and realised I could paint the garden furniture without straining my back, provided I sat down.

So here are some pics of whats been going on

here is the garden furniture, uncovered, painted and placed back by the pond!

going down the veg garden past the chickens you can see hubby has laid the path by the run. I still have to move the compost bin!

and here we are at the bottom, as you can see we have had a major clear up and re-routed the path. We also moved the washing line, why is it those spikes never go in straight! Obviously there is alot of planting to do, we have to decide what we are going to do with the lawn, major resurrection I think, or what about a wildflower meadowy thing? Quite like that idea wouldn't have to mow then!!!!

K has cooked tea so I'm off for a bath, if I can get hubby out of it!!

I'm really excited, I'm going to see my sister tomorrow!!!!! Haven't seen her since Christmas!! I'll try and get pics! See ya!!!


Yolanda Elizabet said...

You've been working quite hard I see, you and your hubby. Your garden is looking much better after all that hard work.

A wildflower meadow is more work than a lawn, believe me. ;-)

BTW on Bliss the second part of Surprise's story, don't miss it! ;-)

RUTH said...

Glad you are being sensible with your back...still got lots done with your helpers! Have a wonderful visit with your sister.