Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Under the rainy weather!!!

Boy did it chuck it down again this morning! The weather forecasters got it wrong (again)much to hubbys annoyance, they said that the rain would have cleared our area by about 03.00 this morning, Tori and I left for school at 08.00, hubby had decided to go in on his bike. The heavens opened about 08.15 and didn't stop for ages!
When he eventually got to work, he was relatively dry but he had to empty his biker gear pockets of water and get them all dry before the drive home tonight!!!

I decided to go to IKEA in Bristol there were loads of floods, but the saddest one I saw............. going down the M32 towards Bristol, just as you get to the turnoff to Ikea on the left are allotments, all totally under water, sheds included, and I know from going in the summer these are used allotments!

I wasn't able to get what I wanted because the boxes where damaged and I wasn't having those. So I bought a plant (I always do)

The label says succulent (well I knew that!!) I'm sure my Nana used to have one, but I can't find it in my book! Mind you I didn't look too hard as I'm not feeling wonderfully well!!!!

So as the sun, has at long last come out, I went with my camera for a troll down the garden to give the chickens some corn which believe it or not is in here!!!!!!!!!!!

then I checked the greenhouse, the brugmansia is in leaf........still....

and if you look at here you will see how much more it has grown since 6th December!!

my tree fern is fine too..

the banana on the patio is looking good, but I think the one by the pond will have to be unwrapped and checked, the straw seems very soggy!!!!

No sign of any frogspawn yet, but if this mild weather continues it will only be a matter of time!!

I have just checked and our first frogspawn last year was the 10th March, although our neighbour usually has it earlier than that as her pond is right up on her south facing patio!!! I don't normally have bricks all around the pond its just holding the net to keep the leaves and the heron out!!!!!


mrsnesbitt said...

Your husband has my deepest sympathy Libby, I know what wet bike leathers can be like! We travelled from Stranraer to home last May! 4 hours in torrential rain!


Anonymous said...

Fancy buying that plant. That is the one that Leonie showed on her blog a few days ago. (Her photo of the day, access via Lotties blog.) It is a Crassula Ovata. Odd how this plant keeps on cropping up lately, must be the season for it.


Allotment Lady said...

Wow - fantstic photos as usual

Sheila said...

Fancy name for the new plant. I think it is the one I know as Jade plant, do you know..?

Libbys Blog said...

I must admit I wondered if it was a jade plant?? Crassula Ovata mmmm
I'm hopeless with latin names, I can never remember them!!!

UKBob said...

It looks like a Jade plant to me too. Thats a shame about the allotments. I don't know if its the same where you are but we are having more wind and rain today - the wind is aweful.