Thursday, January 11, 2007

Not a Short one!

I have been trying to keep myself busy today! So went out and filled the cupboards with food, visited a few friends, should have done the ironing but haven't (yet!) and then this afternoon I measured up the vegetable area of my garden and drew it to scale!! Now I haven't done anything like this for ages and it kept my mind busy! But I was quite shocked when its on paper how it looks like I've wasted alot of space!!!
I only wish I could work out how to get it on here mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
What I keep saying to myself is 'Yes I could very well have made the veg beds bigger etc etc but this is first and foremost a garden and not an allotment'!!!

What a clever girl am I!!!! I know its abit wonky but it gives you an idea of what I have... Looking at the plan it seems obvious to me that I should ditch the flower bed on the left and make that more vegetables, but when we created it I wanted a 'Potager' look. Click the link and I can assure you mine looks nothing like this but you can dream!! Part garden part veg patch!!
The chickens have definately got to move from where they are onto this plan. They are to exposed and should we need to, we would be unable to put a roof on where they are!!!

So on to the planting plan?
Anything that climbs I grow on arches across the footpaths, so this year, it will be French beans, peas, runner beans, mangetout probably some butternut and gem squash, sweetpeas and nasturtiums. One bed is completely onions! With carrots in between. Garlic somewhere! Sweetcorn, not sure it grew well last year but tasted awful! I don't grow any brocolli, cabbage, cauliflower kale or anything like that! 2 courgette plants.1 Pumpkin!
Tomatos, and cucmbers well I am going to grow some in the greenhouse and some outside and see how different the crops are. Peppers and chilli's in the Greenhouse.Beetroot, spring onion and a variety of lettuce in another of the beds. Parsnip Potatoes and Chard in another bed! I think that is all I have room for!!

All you knowledgable veggie growers I would appreciate your feedback on anything in the above.

I'm off for my op! tomorrow, supposedly a day but after last time you never know. I hope to be posting again soon, so please don't forget me and pop back soon!


Allotment Lady said...

Wow you have been busy and it sounds great. I will study it in more detail later.

Good luck tomorrow and I hope it is successful this time and that you are out and about for the weekend.

Thinking of you and sending my heartfelt best wishes

RUTH said...

Very professional. Has it been as windy in Wilts as it has here?
Really wishing you all the best for tomorrow....will look forward to hearing you're back safe and sound. Let's hope you get a dishy doc.....then again if he's dishy you may not want him doing it!
Lotsa Hugs (((((libby)))))

Anonymous said...

Hello Libby, sounds like you are short of space. There is a fantastic book out called Square Foot gardening by Mel Bartholomew. He tells you how to grow almost anything in a square foot, the secret being to have something ready to go in as soon as you take something out. Crop rotation !!! I used it last year and grew most of what I wanted with no waste, little work and instant reward, Only downside of the book is that it is American but if you can get over that then it is worth buying/reading. He brought out another edition last year I believe which I have not seen but it is gardening everything you could ever want made easy.

Happy planning.


Zoe said...

Aunty Whizz may i have a cactus cutting please??? the one shown below this comment/blog section?? Madison now weighs a Whopping 12lb 7oz at 6 weeks old!! love you lots speak to u later!!
Zoe xxx

Sandie's Patch said...

Hi Libby,
Love your blog!

pop over and see mine.. warning it could become addictive!

Good luck at the hospital, hope it is just for a day as you say!

mrsnesbitt said...

Hiya chuck!
Great to talk today, thanks ever so much for the call.............................always good for a chuckle!

Take care,
thinking of you tomorrow!

Will look for a little something in SWcarborough....just for you!


Sheila said...

Hope the op goes well. Take care of yourself.

Annie said...

Your garden plans sound so fine. All the dreaming is just the thing to get you through till the work begins.

Best wishes to you as you prepare for the operation. I'll be watching for your return.


wendy said...

hope all goes well

Turquoise CRO said...

Here I am! Love and prayers to YOU, hope everything went well in the op! I hope to plant more flowers this year, especially Cosmos! I love em! also sunflowers but the deer love them too! lol xo, Cinda